Best Kilts Men Can Wear In Today’s Age – Kilts for Men 2017

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The following post talks about the Best Kilts Men Can Wear In Today’s Age.  These elegant and stylish kilts for men are a raring craze at the moment and are  easily and readily available on the internet. You can view the list and decide the right kilt to buy.

Kilts are man’s favorite piece of clothing that symbolizes valor, pride, and manliness to the T. You can say that a kilt is made for the man in you. Such beautiful kilts for men go a long way in establishing the real machismo in the society.

Do wear a kilt to be a part of the pant-free culture and to wear a more comfortable and good feeling cloth, rather than the older, painful trousers.kilts men

The kilts men love to wear are one of the most growing trend that has caught up with generations in today’s digital age. In my previous post, we talked about the Excellent Modern Utility Kilt For Millennials. The previous post was a comprehensive take on the best utility kilt available in the online market today that suffices the kilts men need to consider for their lifestyle. You can also design and wear your unique kilt with a traditional make sporran that will add value to your kilt.

As mentioned above, today we continue with from our previous list, and talk about the best kilts men can wear in today’s age, which are popular on and

Before we begin, please read up on our Kilt Infomedia Section, where we talk about the various checks you should analyze, before you buy a modern utility kilt for men. You can also read more information about – How to Measure a Modern Utility Kilt?

Without wasting any more efforts on the introduction, lets begin with our top 5 list.

Note: The kilts mentioned here are only our views that we have and we aren’t biased to any brands. We just pick the top 5 kilts, based on users feedback and rating on the top e-commerce website.

Best Kilts Men Can Wear In Today’s Age – Elegant Kilts for Men

1.  Men’s Sports Utility Kilt By Damn Near Kilt ‘Em

Rating: 428+ Reviews – Top selling on – 4.5/5 stars

best-kilts-menThis piece of modern utility kilt is the best fitting design developed by this splendid company.

The main USP of these men kilts for sale are its material that is made from pure cotton. Though it may look soft and is soft & comfortable to wear, but it can also withstand all your rough and tough activities with ease. You don’t need to worry about durability of your beloved kilt, as this very burger will sustain all you do with your tools and equipment on the field or on your farms.

The cherry on the cake is the multi-functional pockets that can carry all your tools and equipment with ease and will help you forget those uneasy and uncomfortable cargo pants forever. Give it a try and  be a part of the pant-free culture that we want to follow.

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2.   Standard Utility Kilt For Men by UT Kilts

Rating: 297+  Reviews – 4.5/5 stars

This one is meant for the beginner and a professional kilt wear. The utility kilt by UT Kilts is simple, elegant and traditional in design and provides all the means that a newbie kilt wearer is looking for in his first kilt.  But, by no means this is for sissy. This kilt has all the features that a utility kilt can provide. A professional too can buy this kilt.kilts for men

The kilt is known for its excellent soft material that is comfortable on the skin and for all your daily activities. (You can wear this kilt to your work as well :P) The kilt comes with durable multi-functional cargo pockets on either side to holds all your tools, while you toil in the fields.

The utility kilt is especially designed for the rugged men with slick brass studs and set of snaps to give you that perfect fit around your waist. In addition, those silky pleats adds to the traditional kilt structure to give you the feel of your trouser, but at the same time much more comfortable than your trouser.

This kilt is simply amazing and is well-known for its quality and best affordable price range. Both deadly combination mixed in one for the amateur kilt wearer and for a professional alike. Don’t miss this extraordinary, yet simple kilt for your need.

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3.   Scottish Highland Kilt from Tartanista

Rating: 100+ Reviews – 4.35/5 stars

This kilt is the traditional kilt wear in our list today.  The kilt shown here is an everyday kilt that you can wear for your daily use. You can also wear this piece and alternative to a trouser on special or formal occasions, providing you an excellent value for money.

kilt for men

Coming to the specs, this kilt has a flat front with deep pleated back, and 2 leather straps to adjust and give you the perfect fit your are looking for. The kilt is ideal for the highlands game, since the material is extremely strong and durable. Moreover, the kilt is made from pure cotton that adds comfort and breath to your skin, without causing any itching to skin. The drop is around 24″ for all sizes.

Our comments that this is a very simple kilt, with a strong & sturdy fabric and if you don’t want to go with the utility kilts for men craze, then this is the kilt you should consider.  The material is good and the craftsmanship is excellent, giving you a value for money and proper fitting. These kilts for men are made with right ingredients, with great research and efforts.

A scottish highland kilt is incomplete without a great looking sporran. You can find some amazing looking sporran at the following link: Best Scottish Sporran to Choose From Online

Note: The above pic is only for representation. The listing only includes the kilt. You can purchase the pin, belt, and sporran separately from the other listings.

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4.  Men Hybrid V-Kilt

Rating: 4.35/5 stars

This hybrid utility kilt men wear is the most sophisticated product that you can buy on the internet.

The looks of this kilt is derived from the traditional Scottish kilt with added multi-functional modern looks to this utility kilt making it a much desired hybrid breed to crave on to.

This V-hybrid kilt is made from pure 100% cotton with elegant form structure of the traditional kilt, filled with pleats to complete the look and add the much needed flare to the kilt. This kilt is made for those men that love to extract more their kilt and the kilt sure does not disappoint. The unique kilt has multi-functional pockets on either sides to hold all your small items and equipment, wherever you travel across your day.

The kilt is also known as the fireman’s kilt wear and has extra straps and hooks to add much more power to your kilt wear, with its all round functionalities. The main USP is its extra straps it provide to give you the much desired and proper fitting around your waist. Do try and buy this extremely new type of utility kilt men.

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5.  Black Utility Handmade Kilts Men | With Designer Chain

Rating: 4.25/5 stars

Starting at fourth on the list is this brilliant, black utility fashion kilt men can wear for all occasions. This kilt for the burning man is designed for men that seek to wear as their daily staple. The kilt makes the man in you look dashing and smart, while you work throughout the day. Made with the intention to provide comfort and freedom from the silly, itching trousers, this kilt is strong and sturdy and does its job in achieving the most comfort fit, while you work hard in your fields, or during your rough and tough job.

This Black Utility Fashion Kilt is the best suitable for your daily casual use if you want too look smart and dashing during the whole working day , these kilts are specifically designed to achieve best and comfort fitting during the rough and tough jobs.

Our view says that this kilt is for people that need a kilt to wear for their daily routine, ideal for workplace, ruby, football and scouts. You can also wear this piece of wear as a fashions statement, since it designed keeping in mind the working man, that is strong on the outside but soft and comfortable from the inside, with enough pockets for all daily essentials.

Features of this kilt include 2 flap brass plated buttons and with 3 fashionable long chains in the front.  The kilt also includes 2 small pockets on the back side and additional multi-functional pockets on the either sides. Do try this custom made utility kilt for men that can sustain grueling chores with ease.

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6.  Super Deluxe Custom Made Kilts for Men

Rating: 4.10/5 stars

This utility kilt is designed on basis of kilts men love to wear during their job. The kilt is especially made to sustain all your rough and tough chores that you perform, while keeping you comfortable and clean on the inside.  kilts men

These utility kilts achieve the best fitting and perfect shape for the tough and macho men in your body.

You can wear this unique deluxe kilt on new years events to make your time more memorable and unique.

Features of this kilt includes 2 flap multi-functional pockets on either sides with metal buttons and fittings. The fittings includes silky metal buckles, buttons and internal studs that provide the best fitting around your waist. In addition, this kilt has black leather belts, making this kilt extremely unique and stylish, trendy.

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7. Deluxe Black Kilt from Tartanista

Rating: 4/5 stars

Soft and simple are the two words that comes to our mind when we view this excellent kilt from Tartanista. This kilt is a perfect example of compiling style and tradition into one complete package and giving you the ultimate richness to wear on your body. The kilts is made from pure 100% cotton and is extremely comfortable to wear for all your daily tasks with ease.

The kilt is also fitted with two strap on belts to secure the kilt around your waist and give you the perfect fitting that you can look forward throughout the day. Made from non-allergic material, this kilt will give you the most perfect offering to perform your daily tasks with ease and with worry, thus giving you the much desired relief from your pants. You can combine the kilt with a varied and unique sporran that can fully complete the overall look of the kilt. You can also try out this black kilt with a perfect Jacobite Ghillie Shirt to look pleasing and appealing in your attire.

Do try excellent and unique kilts men can wear from Tartanista.

You can buy the elegant sporran from the link – click here.

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8.  Royal Stewart Kilt from Tartanista

This is the most traditional kilt wear in our list on the best kilts for men. The kilt is especially designed for traditional men that love to wear the old fashioned Scottish kilt attire as their daily wear. And, this kilt is very special for every man. We start with the review.

This royal kilt is made from the roots of the rich heritage of the scottish culture with the rich red tartan that does adores your kilt wear with ease and give you the most desired look for every man.

Coming to its major features:

  • Extremely economical and value for money kilt that can be worn on any occasion or every day use
  • 100% non allergic and easy on skin
  • Durable synthetic wool use to make the outer layer, while soft cotton liner used to give your skin the ultimate comfort
  • Flat and simple front with pleated back end
  • 2 leather straps provided to give you the best fit around your waist
  • Drop of approx. 24″ that can fit all major sizes

You can wear this elegant kilt with a traditional sporran from the list,

Do try this best kilts for men. We’ll be updating our on the best kilts men can wear in today’s age, with much more relevant and more precise information.

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9. Men’s Black Fashion Sport Utility Kilts Men Wear

This unique black kilt is another economical kilt in our list of the best kilts men can wear in today’s age, that we review today. The kilt is filled with style, simplicity and yet traditional in its form that makes it one of the most desired kilt that we talk today. Moreover, the cost of the kilt is one of the primarily reason that has motivated us to give this brand a chance in our review today.kilts for men

Features of this unique kilt for men

  • Designed from best 100% superior cotton fabric that is easy on the body
  • Extremely durable, since it is made from military grade material, can easily withstand all your daily chores you endure
  • Superbly stylish and trendy and can be easily worn at the sports, fashion or rock events
  • Large multi-functional cargo pockets on either side to accommodate your small, plus medium size essentials with ease
  • Rich black in color with 2’’ variation and has a kilt drop of approx. 24 inches
  • Attached straps that can be used to adjust your kilt and to give you the most desired fit
  • Superior brass buckles aligned on the kilt men can wear to give your style a great feeling and look

To summarize the above features, we can only say that this is the better looking black kilt that we have reviewed so far. The cost makes it the most desirable buy in our list on the modern utility kilt for men on sale. The brand is relatively new, but if you wish to buy your first kilt or if you are not a brand conscious individual, you can opt for the kilt, and add a splendid black beauty in your wardrobe.

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10. Scottish Cotton Tartan Kilt for Men

We review a kilt from one of the leading kilt maker known as Best Kilts. The reason we picked this kilt in our review was the elegant traditional Scottish looks, plus the material used to make the kilt. Truly, one of the customers literally said that

“This is one of the cool kilt for men in the hot weather”

Let’s begin with our review!

AStarting with the material, this Scottish kilt comes in the most elegant color that is equally traditional and stylish for today’s modern men. The main USP of the kilt is that it is made from premium acrylic wool, which is not heavy on the body. At the same time, the kilt has a thin cotton lining on the inside, thus giving you the most desired and comfortable feeling on your skin, while you can dwell during your daily routine. Mark our words, the kilt was truly very comfortable to wear and move during our chores.

Coming to its features, like the normal kilts, this Scottish tartan kilt for men comes with three leather straps to secure your kilt around your waist with ease and give you the most comfortable fit you ever wanted to be in. In addition, they are belt loops provided, where you can hook in your kilt belt and attached a wonderful looking sporran for comfort and to hold all your daily essentials while you travel during the day.

Sadly, the kilt does not have pockets, which we are now seeing in more modern kilts.


Overall, we found this kilt for men a very descent buy considering the price and the quality. Go blindly for this kilt, for the material equally rocks!

Features of the Scottish Tartan Kilt by Best Kilts:

  • Made from premium acrylic wool that is lighter on the body
  • Premium soft cotton lining provided on the inside to give you the most comfortable wear and very easy on the skin
  • Available in attractive color that is traditional yet modern to wear
  • Cheap and most affordable than your routine denims
  • 3 leather straps provided to secure your kilt around waist and give you the desired look
  • Belt hoops provided to hang your sporran
  • Sadly, no pockets available in the kilt

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So we end this post of “Best Kilts Men Can Wear in Today’s Age” by summarizing the entire post that we have written so far.

Summary – Kilts for Men

Sr. No. Product Rating Buy
1. Men’s Sports Utility Kilt By Damn Near Kilt ‘Em 4.5/5 stars Buy at Amazon
2. Standard Utility Kilt For Men by UT Kilts 4.5/5 stars Buy At Amazon
3. Scottish Highland Kilt from Tartanista 4.3/5 stars Buy At Amazon
4. Men Royalist Hybrid-V Kilt 4.3/5 stars Buy At Amazon
5. Black Utility Handmade Kilts Men | With Designer Chain 4.25/5 stars Buy from ebay
6. Super Deluxe Custom Made Kilt for Men 4.10/5 stars Buy from ebay
7. Deluxe Black Kilt from Tartanista 4/5 stars Buy At Amazon
8. Royal Stewart Kilt from Tartanista 4/5 stars Buy At Amazon
9. Men’s Black Fashion Sport Utility Kilts Men Wear 4/5 stars Buy At Amazon
10. Scottish Tartan Kilt for Men by Best Kilts 4.1/5 stars Buy At Amazon

To conclude, a kilt is one piece of cloth that we men love to wear and a man who doesn’t love his kilt is not a man in true sense, because a kilt wearer will always cherish the pride and valor that a kilt provides to our core and we are so proud to be one in this earth. Hence, the above post illustrates the reasons to buy the top kilts men want to buy in today’s world, and we stand by the tag line – Kilts for Men – made with elegance and grace.

Any comments/feedback, do let us know your comments on our list about the best kilts for men in the box below.

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