How to Measure a Modern Utility Kilt?

A kilt as we all know is the most elegant looking alternative to a pant and trouser and for the very reason men across the states are now opting for a modern utility kilt, as the perfect alternative, that is much more comfortable, cheaper and durable than those cargo pants. A well-made kilt from the best cotton fabric always last for a lifetime. A kilt never looses its shine and can be worn for all occasions, including various family gathering or for your daily chores, the kilt usefulness is limitless. In the above discussion, unlike a trouser or jeans, where fitting may not be a problem, the measurement of a kilt has to be impeccable to give you the most desired look and comfort, for which you have discarded your pants. Hence, we conclude that getting the measurements of a kilt right is very important, before you can buy your desired utility kilt. Many well-known kilt makers like UT Kilts, Damn Near Kilt \’Em, Tartanista, Verillas, and so on….  will usually specify the way to take the measurements, but in this post today, we list three recommended ways to measure your desired kilt.
Always ask someone else to take the measurements for you, since you try to do it yourself, there is more likely to cause an error in noting the measurements, thus can give different fitments.
The following list details the three measurements that is needed to properly measure your kilt:
  • First Measurement – measure the length of your kilt that you intend to wear. In case you are buying online, most manufacturers specify the kilt length in their description. This length is usually a straight line that is drawn from the waist of the kilt till the end of the kilt. You can follow this straight line in case you are measuring your kilt length. Some men prefer to measure the length of the kilt near the middle of the knee, that is, just near the region where the hem of the kilts falls below. Try to measure or go for kilts that do not cover the knee area. A personal suggestion is to opt for kilts that fall just above the knee cap, since this is the most stylish and trendy look we are seeing. You can ask your brand manufacturer or kilt maker for more details.
  • Second Measurement – take the tape and measure your hip, that is, the area just below your tummy and at the area where the broadest part of your hip bone. Do see where you feel comfortable in wearing your kilt around.
  • Final Measurement – Finally, measure your waist.  This is the most important step, when you are measuring your kilt. Note, this measurement will differ, and will depend on if you are measuring for an 8-yard traditional kilt or a 5-yard casual kilt. The waist for a casual kilt is measured near the area, where you normally wear your trousers or jeans. An 8-yard kilt, however, requires a measurement taken above your hips and below the area near your rib cage – roughly at the stomach\’s navel. Always measure your final measurement over your shirt and tuck in your shirt tightly and then do your usual measurements. Do not tighten the shirt too much as this can prevent your breathing and you should comfortably be able to put your finger in your tucked shirts. The waist measurement for a kilt is usually 1″ – 2″ smaller than for trousers; the kilt sits high on the body and will only stay up if taken firmly enough.
The waist measurement for a kilt is always 1″ – 2″ smaller than for trousers; the kilt sits high on the body and will only stay up, if taken firmly enough.
And, finally double check all the measurements that you have taken so far, so that you can reduce the chances of causing an error, while measuring your kilt. You can also check the video below to find the most easy technique for your kilt. Once, you done with your requirements, you can go ahead and buy your desired utility kilt for men.