Best Sport Kilt for Men – 2022

Our list on the Sport Kilt will open your eyes and tell you the reason why sportsperson across the world have adopted the kilt revolution. Sport Kilt is a great alternative to wear and replace those difficult trousers, while you perform all your daily chores and activities with ease, without losing on performance and efficiency.

Sport KiltNowadays, we as men, want freedom from itchy, smelly and uncomfortable pants and adopt of a pant-free culture. Sport Kilts are a perfect substitute of the pants which is comfortable, sweat free and smell-free.

Sport Kilts are the wondrous alternative for every sportsperson to wear and take part in tournaments across location, because of the comfort that it provides to the wearer. You can view our post on Best Scottish Sporran for Sale 2022 – Buy Online to compliment your sport kilt.

Why Sport Kilt?

A modern sports kilt for men is completely different from the traditional kilts for men. Every kilt made for sports always is made up of lightweight fabric, that is very easy on the body and comfortable during your rigorous activities, which you play. These fibers hold up your sweat and keep you dry during your event.  Also, these synthetic made kilts are very different from the woolly kilts, hence can be easily be washed in the machines, without worries.

Next, these kilts comes with velcro fastenings, that means, you can easily fasten them around your waist using those waistbands, making them very adjustable and comfortable for every men. You can add on any kilt accessory on to your kilt for all your purpose that you may have.  
Finally, these kilts are much more cheaper than those high-performance pants, giving you all the possible benefits that those pants provide you. These kilt do not get easily damaged and are extremely durable for long times.

  • Great for active men, that want to efficiency yet comfortable
  • Soft and comfortable, no itch fabric, that is easy on skin
  • Superior outer fabric that is durable and last all your strenuous activities
  • Extremely flexible and aids in high-octane tasks with ease
  • Elastic waistband that can fit every user comfortably
  • Lower cost than the ideal denims or cargos and easy on pockets
  • Can last long without washing, with easy care material
Sport Kilts are OPEN, so they provide space for air circulation, so there are fewer chances of sweating, smell and itching, while you endure during your grueling sporting event

Where to Buy Cheap Sport Kilt

Because of the increasing popularity nowadays these stylish and comfortable sport kilts are readily available on the internet. Various kinds of kilts are available online from where you can choose your favorite. You can also get these comfortable kilts on Amazon.

We have reviewed several kilts which are available online and found some best kilts which have good reviews and feedback. Today we are going to tell you about our top five picks so that you can select the best suitable kilt for you.

Here are a couple of posts, before we begin with our top 5 list.

Before we begin, you must read our Kilt Infomedia Section, where we talk about the checklist that you should consider, before you can buy a modern utility kilt. Click here – In addition, to measure your utility kilt , follow this post here –

Top Sport Kilt for Men

1. Irish Plaid / Tartan Sport Kilt

irish-tartan-sport-kiltAfter our research, we found that Irish Plaid kilt is not only ideal for everyday use but also you can use it on formal occasions. The Irish sports kilt is an excellent value for money. The sports kilt has pleated back and flat front. We have reviewed this kilt and found some features which can be useful for you.
  • It has a cotton lining around the inside top which provides you an extra comfort.
  • You can adjust the waist size around 1 inch either way with the help of 2 leather straps.
  • The Irish sports kilt is made with 100% non-itch Acrylic fabric which is comfortable and durable.
  • The length of the kilt will remain same for all sizes, and the length is ideal for 5 feet and 8 inches to 6 feet and 1-inch height persons. If you are shorter than the recommended height, a tailor might make the kilt of your size.
It is available in the market from almost past four years and getting good reviews from the users. You should try this value for money kilt and enjoy the freedom of movements.

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2. Sports Kilt for Hiking

sport-hiking-kiltAccording to our research, this is a lightweight sport kilt which is ideal for hiking and outdoor sports such as river rafting, camping, trail run, etc. Adventurous people recommend this kilt. Some of the features which we have noticed during our research are-
  • It is made with lightweight a microfiber that’s why it doesn’t hold water and dries quickly and flows smoothly.
  • You can even do swimming while wearing this sport kilt.
  • The quality and fitting are top notches. It will fit you by your actual waist size, not your pant size.
  • The kilt has an elastic waist with the traditional pleated design.
The hiking kilt is an ideal replacement of hiking shorts. This kilt provides comfort, adaptability, and ease of movement while hiking. If you are hiking first time in a kilt, it can be a bit odd for you, if you are not used to wearing an un-bifurcated garment. But when you experience the freedom of movement and comfort you will prefer to wear hiking kilt only.

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3. Damn Near Kilt ‘Em Sport Utility Kilt

damn-near-kilt-em-sport-kiltAfter reviewing Damn Near Kilt ‘Em kilt, we found that it is made with 100% cotton drill which makes it extra comfortable. This kilt is available on Amazon from the past almost five years and got so many excellent reviews from its wearers.

Some features which we think make it different from others are-
  • The fabric is breathable, lightweight and durable and designed for the comfortable of the wearer.
  • The kilt has traditional style pleats with snap closures on the front apron.
  • The best part is that the Damn Kilt contains multi-functional side pockets. In left side pocket you can keep a clip knife, next to this pocket a Velcro flap pocket is there you can keep tools in this and third pocket is on the back side just under the belt loops where you can keep your wallet.
  • The overlapping apron of Damn kilt helps to avoid unnecessary exposure.
  • This is a kilt with the thoughtful and sturdy design. When you try it then only you will get to know that how comfortable it is. It provides lots of freedom to the wearer.
Damn Near Kilt ‘Em are designed to provide a way to live pant free life. These kilts are versatile and perfect for everything from urban life to hiking, camping, paintball, etc. The multi-functional pockets are best utilized when you have some plan for hunting game. You can keep different kinds of tools in the pockets when you are preparing a game. These pockets will help you to organize your tools so that you can finish the dressing fast and in an efficient way. The extra comfort of the kilt will make your adventurous trip more exciting.

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4. Tartan Sport Kilts

tartan-sport-kiltsTartan Kilts is a new kilt in the market which is known for its stylish look. Tartan kilt is a combination of the traditional, stylish, modern and unique kilt. Tartan Kilts is an entry level kilt. In spite of it being a new entrant, it is getting a quite good response because of its stylish looks and features. Some of its features are:
  • The fabric of the kilt is very lightweight, comfortable and durable which is made of 80% acrylic and 20% wool. It dries very fast.
  • You can adjust the kilt 2 inches either side with the help of two leather buckles.
  • Drop length of the Tartan kilt is 24 inches for all waist sizes.
  • Before ordering the kilts, please check your waist size where you want to wear the kilt. Traditionally Tartan kilts are made to wear highest on the waist at navel, but you can wear it wherever you want to wear.
People like most about this kilt are that the fabric which is placed inside is very comfortable and soft. So that you can wear this kilt all day long and do some tough activities. Though it is new in the market, it looks stylish and comfortable which will soon gain the popularity.

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5. Sport Utility Deluxe Kilt

Sport Utility Deluxe Kilt is also a quite new kilt available in the market which is getting good reviews. After considering all the reviews, we found some important information about this kilt such as
  • This sports utility kilt is made with 100% cotton which is durable and has excellent quality material.
  • The kilt has two straps to adjust the size of waist either side with 2 inches.
  • The kilt has two large cargo pockets on each side where you can keep your wallet and other tools.
  • The sport utility kilt is designed for sports events, rock events, adventure trips and fashion events.
It is made with 100% cotton, so it is extremely comfortable and a blessing for the skin. When you are wearing this kilt, you do not have to worry about the weather because cotton will give you cooling effect in summers and in winters it will make you feel the warmness. This is a unique utility kilt which is ideal for sports events, rock events, and fashion programs. You can even perform daily chores comfortably while wearing this kilt. The stylish and comfortable sports utility kilt is gaining popularity in the market. It is a value for money product which you love to buy again and again.

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6. Modern Sport Utility Kilt for Active Men

This modern edition of the utility kilt is sure to be a great offering for every person that are active in their daily life. This sport kilt has all the very essential to give you the best comfort and utilities for every man that need endurance and will to survive their daily tasks with ease.

Coming to the review of this modern utility sports kilts for men is as follows:
  • Especially made for men that need comfort during their tasks, extremely comfortable and easy on body
  • Made from high durable 100% cotton that is very light, yet tough on the outside, protecting your body from any tasks
  • Easy to wear and put on and get ready in a jiffy, thus giving you the time to focus on your task
  • Multi-utility 2 cargo pockets & 2 small pockets to keep your items at ease, while you surrender to your will
So for any man that wants to buy a kilt that can be used for all occasion, be it a casual or a formal event, then look no further and pick these very elegant looking kilt that is high-on style and made especially for men that love challenging jobs. The kilt is very comfortable and our best on the list.

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Summary – Sports Kilts 

Kilts are becoming a latest and most growing trend in men’s clothing segment. Sport Kilt is clothing style which is more comfortable than trousers and pants. More and more people are becoming part of the pant free culture because kilts are comfortable, durable, washable, stylish and modern. Earlier kilts were considered to be a garment for athletes and sportspersons, but now everybody is enjoying the comfort of kilts. Nowadays every segment of the society is trying this latest trend.

Our goal is to provide every men an alternative to the traditional kilt, yet be comfortable to celebrate the great tradition. 

Coming to the sport kilt, it is the most real kilt for the modern men and cost just 1/10 of the price that you would pay for a traditional kilt or for a given trouser/denim. These sophisticated sport kilt are endorsed by various sports athletes across the US.

To conclude, a Sport Kilt looks just like the ancient and traditional Scottish Kilt, including the pleats and the fall, but it is comparatively lighter, no-inch, super comfortable, durable and easy-care fabric. These sports kilt are available in various standard sizes, upto 2X- large to fit every men, irrespective of their size and shape.

People across the US are now opting for elegant and comfy sport kilt, which has caught the sights of many sportsperson that have worn these kilts during their games. Now is the time to wear a unique design wear that boasts tradition, plus comfort, all dwelled into one sport kilt.

Wear this unique kilt and live the freedom and comfort of Sports Kilt!

Tips to Follow – Sport Kilts Selection

You can follow a few tips below, when you select the best sport kilts, which will help you play your sporting game easily and efficiently.
  1. Always keep in mind the fabric of your sporting kilt. Go for kilts that are made from the poly-viscose material, which is light in weight, non-allergenic and easy to handle and take care of. In short, try kilts that are easy on the body and skin. You can also opt for sport kilts are come in the microfiber material, do keep in mind that such material can easily get damaged during ironing. Also, microfiber are light in weight, hence ensure to protect yourself, avoiding unwanted exposures during a windy day. 

  2. Sport Kilt is extremely popular among athletes, because the comfort that a kilt brings is much more than the difficult pants. But, you need to keep in mind that kilts do have certain limitation during certain sporting events such as running or gymnastics. So always, ensure to choose wearing a kilt, based on the sporting activity that you are gonna be a part of. We recommend wearing the best sport kilts only activities such as weight lifting, hiking or casual events like football. In our blog – KiltOnline we always believe that a kilt is the most comfortable piece of clothing every men should wear and have known men that swear through kilts – like Irish Kilts for all their leisure activities, and wear the modern utility kilt always for their day to day activities.

  3. Ah! we all love pockets and our dream to replace our denims or trousers will need us to buy kilts that have pockets. We always know that a kilt is in complete without a sporran, but hey dude! we cannot play our sports with a pouch hanging from our tummy right! It’s a strict hinderance to our activities. Hence, always go those modern utility sport kilts that have pockets, and I mean several of them, to help you keep your things in the right place. you can opt for various kilt and pocket combination, that you are comfortable and make us proud by using a kilt for your sporting event.