How to Wear a Kilt – Tips & Tricks!

how to wear a kiltOur topic on “how to wear a kilt” will help you understand the nuances on understanding the correct way to wear a utility kilt to look the best and dwell amongst the rich cultural heritage of Scotland. 

Every person deserves the best kilt for men, but at the same time, a man should know the right way to wear a kilt.

The following guide gives every man a definite guide on how to wear a kilt, so that you can follow these steps and fulfil your style & fashion desires with ease and comfort. You view best kilts on amazon.

What is a Kilt?

A kilt is a traditional Scottish wear worn by men, that resembles the skirt. A kilt is very comfortable that can sustain all your hardcore task with ease, all this at a very cost efficient manner. We also have created a list on the top Irish Kilts that you can consider for your style and fashion.  More information on kilts, can be found here.

While you wear your kilt, always ensure that your kilt is wrapped around your waist with the pleats on the rear and the aprons should overlap on the front. More information on how to wear a kilt, you will get it below.

Approach on How to Wear a Kilt

Step 1: Adapt the Kilt

  • Start by wearing the kilt around your waist with the pleats that go to your back.  Always ensure that the top of your kilt be available at your waist-level.  By doing this, the two aprons will overlap in the front and should easily hang around your knees.
  • Next, move your right arm and wrap the kilt around your front-section. The edge of the right-side of the kilt should meet with the left end. At this junction, there’s a smaller hole near the lining for the straps to go through the hole.

Step 2: Fasten the Kilt

  • After you have positioned the kilt in its position, fasten the kilts by buckling both the left and right aprons together.
  • Now, use the leather straps on the right apron, known as the under apron, pull this strap to secure the apron around your waist comfortably. Do not do too tight, ensure to get your thumbs through the waistband.
  • At this point, fasten your kilt by tightening the buckle, just like you do for a normal belt, present at the outer edge of the left waist.  
  • Next, use your left hand and fasten the strap on the left apron also called as the front apron on the right. Do the first strap and then the second strap.
  • In case you kilt has a third strap, fasten that too, so that your kilt is completely smooth near your stomach. This step is extremely important, since any haste can cause your kilt to look very shabby and bunch out near the buckles.
You can move the kilt buckles on the front, so that you can easily access the buckles. After you complete the buckling, slowly and steadily move the kilt with the pleats to the back.

Step 3: Adjust & Secure the Kilt 

  • If you have done the above steps, as described, then the bordered end of the kilt will automatically align along the sides  and the kilt should be aligned symmetrically in the center of the body.  
  • Every kilt has a pivot point on the tartan, just near the center of the front apron. At this point, the tartan appears elegantly designed in the form of its patterns. 
  • By the above, your utility kilt should be in a very good shape. 
  • Finally, adjust as necessary, so that you will feel comfortable while sitting or while walking or doing your daily chores. 

Video on How to Wear a Kilt for Men

Check out this informative video that will give you a fair idea on how to wear a kilt, illustrating the above steps that we have specified:

Style Tips on Wearing a Kilt!

Here we list the best style tips on how to wear a kilt for every men!

  • Wear your kilt at your waist, not low waist like the denims or too high over your navel. Rule of thumb, ensure that the top of the apron fits just above the navel, while the length of the kilt should come just near the middle of your knee.
  • Always buy your kilt from a perfect master designer, who will give you the best fit, according to your body shape and structure. If you intend to buy your kilt online, then always follow the measuring guidelines mentioned on their website. You can also use our kilt measuring guide for more help.
  • If you wear your kilt as daily wear, you can try on a Jacobite shirt that is very stylish, elegant and comfortable. If you intend to wear a kilt on a formal occasion, then you wear a tweed jacket, called as the Argyll outfit to look great and enhance your personality for the occasion.
  • You can also use the Prince Charles Jacket to give you the most ultimate look, where you can carry this style for weddings or special occasions. 
  • You can find kilts from many brands, such as Damn Near Kilt ’em , UT Kilts, and many other modern utility kilts to choose and decide your favorite kilt brand.

Tips & Tricks – How to Wear a Kilt

Here are a few tips that you should follow so that you look the best, while you wear this elegant kilt on your body.
  • Ensure that your kilt is secured tightly around your waist.  Do not tighten is too tight. This may cause wrinkles around your waist.
  • A style tip – wear a traditional white shirt on your favorite kilt. A more traditional white collared buttoned shirt with great cuffs will surely suit your look and style. These white shirts go very well for weddings, funerals and special events. 
  • If you are women that wear these kilts, then ensure to have the buckles on the left, as per the thumb rule. But, follow your heart and dress your kilt according to your style and fashion.
  • It is always a best idea to wear an underwear under your kilt. Do not go bare under the kilt. A wind can cause an unpleasant moment that is not desired, atleast at public places.
  • Be aware of what you wear and for what occasion. Try to understand the situation and not offend anyone with your kilt wear.

Top Accessories for your Kilt

Next, in this section, we list the various accessories that you can wear on your kilt, to complete the kilt look.  You can also try our post, where we talk about sport kilts that you can wear for your sporting events and competitions

On the legs  – Start with the kilt hose, wear the garters and the flashes

  • Wear flashes that match your kilt color
  • Wear the kilt hose or you can say the kilt socks over the knee, then next fasten the garter and flashes below the knee
  • Flashes can be outside your legs towards the off-side
  • Always fold the kilt hose below knee for about 3-4 fingers down and over the garter, displaying only a few inches of the flashes
  • Smooth out and adjust the hose, garters and flashes. Ensure that both the flashes are dispalyed at the same angle on both your legs.
Wear your brogues
  • While tying your brogues, do not tie the laces up your legs. There are two ways to tie your laces: You can choose the right one that match your personality
  • High Front: Firstly, ensure that your laces are of the same size, then tie half of a knot and ensure sufficient tension on the laces.
  • Then, wrap the laces around the back of your ankle and twist them once or fully twice and then bring them to the front, making a X. You can play along with the style, depending on the length of the lace. Once on the front, tie the lace to the side of your shine bone.
  • Low Tie: This is the same as the above method, only in this case, move the laces on to your ankle and securely tighten them near your ankle, instead on the calf.
  • Choose the above method to fully utilize your style you decide for your kilt wear.

Move to the Sporran

We all love sporran and a kilt is incomplete without a sporran. A sporran is a traditional Scottish pouch, that acts as a purse and is worn at the front of the kilt.
  • To wear a sporran, simply align the sporran at the front, attach the sporran straps using the loops and secure it to the front of your kilt.
  • The sporran should always be centered and hands about few inches below the bottom of the kilt belt.
  • You can also allow the sporran to rest on your abdomen, by securing the straps as when desired
  • View our interesting post where we talk about the best sporran to make a choice.  Best Scottish Sporran for Sale 2022 – Buy Online

Wear a Kilt Pin

Kilt pins are a great way to add volume to your kilt and help you stand out in great style and fashion. Kilt pins are available in large variety of styles and range, from classic to contemporary. To wear your kilt pin:
  • Wear the kilt pin on the front of your kilt
  • Attach it at 4 inch up the bottom hem and atleast 3 inch from the side
  • A kilt pin also helps in preventing unknown exposures and thus preventing you from having any oops moments, because of its weight.

Jacket & Vest

  • If you are wearing a vest on your shirt and kilt, there’s a strap on the back of the vest that you can use to adjust your size
  • Ensure that the vest is tighten as per your body size and fit
  • For casual occasions, you can ignore the waistcoat. Do whatever you feel right!

Finally Sgian Dubh!

  • Wear your kilt knife, known as the Sgian Dubh, in your right sock, if you are right handed and similarly add to the left sock if you are left handed
  • If you are wearing a kilt pin, then ensure that your kilt pin and sgian dubh match with each other
  • Push down the kilt knife, just near in your socks with about 1 inch of the handle showing on to the top.
With this we wrap our topic on “How to wear a kilt” with various options on styling and tips & tricks that will get you started on the nuances to wear a kilt and add a definite style and fashion trend on your personality.