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Utility Kilts are the growing trend that has caught the craze of millennials today. In this post we talk about excellent modern utility kilt available online over the internet. This will make your choice to pick the best kilt easily and fruitfully.
modern utility kiltThe best utility kilts includes numerous brands, but in this post we pick the best quality and affordable kilt available online from brands like Damn Near Kilt ‘Em, Scottish Kilt Shop, UT Kilts and so on…. Every man is entitled to find the best utility kilt to suit their style, yet accomplish their chores, which they fulfill in their day-to-day life. 
Arriving from the stables are the following modern utility kilts that are filled with rich traditions and unique structure, yet are stylish and trendy to keep up pace with today’s fashion. You can also view excellent sale on utility kilt that will live up to your expectation and dwell a lighter bill on your pocket. For more information, click here.
Note: The list is a completely unbiased review and involves our understanding and experience that we have to create the list of the best Modern Utility Kilt on the internet.

Let begin the countdown list to arrive at the best selling modern utility kilt in the market. You can go to the post below to find more about the Modern Utility Kilt.

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You can also try out the excellent sporrans, which you can wear on your kilt to add those extra items with you, while you work in your fields or workplace.

List Modern Utility Kilt

1.  Sport Utility Kilt from Damn Near Kilt ‘Em

#1 best seller on Amazon.com modern-utility-kiltThe one is a beast when it comes to buying the ultimate modern utility kilt. With over 400 reviews, this kilt is the bestselling product on amazon today. This kilt has been made from pure cotton material that looks rough and tough on the front, but is extremely soft and comfortable from the inside, making it a thorough replacement for your jeans and pants. The kilt is available in 6 different variants, other than the famous black color. You can find the kilt in the colors: brown, camo, military green, khaki, grey and digital camo. So, a color to suit all your daily clothes wear. This modern utility kilt is a true beast, when it comes in providing features more than the pant. This comes with multi-functional pockets that can carry easy tools and equipment with ease. Moreover, the rugged and durable material can sustain all your daily chores and tasks without a sweat, thus elongating the life of your basic kilt. To conclude, this utility kilt is a mixture of traditional kilt wear with unique pleats that save you from unfortunates exposures and not to forget the multi-functional utility pockets that you will find only on your cargo pants. But the essence of flying without a pant and the comfort of living a free life can only be accomplished in this thorough kilt wear. To consider this kilt, while buying.

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You can read more about this modern utility kilt at Damn Near Kilt ’em – Best Utility Kilts You Can Buy

2.  Standard Modern Utility Kilt Black From UT Kilts

UT Kilts are one of the pioneers in establishing the kilting traditions in today’s time.  Coming to the #2 position was really difficult, since both these utility kilt are rich in features, and this one is no different from the number 1. This is the standard basic entry level kilt for everyone. Starting from its material, this modern utility kilt is made from grade 1 military grade poly cotton, making it look really rough and tough from the front. Truly, this man wear will last till the very end with its enchanting looks and style.  But the material on the inner side is all that will help you to keep you comfortable and safe from any prickly that arises. A true warrior in giving you the comfort that you are solely looking away from the pants and jeans. This unique utility kilt has over 296 positive reviews with atleast 63% proper fit rating. The unique features of this kilt includes two snap enclosures on both the ends, 2 large multi-functional pockets on both the sides. In addition, the kilt has a sturdy front apron with traditional pleats to give you the perfect fit. This utility kilt is designed in mind keeping the traditional yet stylish concept for the millennials. This kilt is fit all person that wish to adopt the kilt beauty into their lifestyle. It also consists of a set of snaps to give you the perfect fit at a affordable cost. Definitely, a must buy for every individual that wishes to buy their first kilt, which also rich in features and equally stringent in quality. All this at the best price available in the market. fit-utility-kilt

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You can read more about this kilt at: UT Kilts – Best Cheap Utility Kilts

3.   Men’s Deluxe Modern Utility Kilt by UT Kilts

Number 3 on our list is another modern utility kilt by UT Kilts. This is the upgraded version from the standard kilt at number 2. What’s different, lets find out below. Utility Kilt UT Kilts This kilt is a enhanced version from the basic variant. It has additional new features to the standard basic kilt. The kilt consist of two huge side pockets that can fit all your tools and equipment to carry for your daily chores on the field. More tools to carry? worry not, since this elegant beauty comes with additional back pockets on the either sides to hold your extra belongings. With all this, the kilt comes with a front sturdy apron to give you the most comfortable fit that even a pant cannot provide. All this while making you feel comfortable and easy, to give you an ever lasting freedom. To conclude, this kilt has side buckles to fit comfortable around your waists, and unique traditional pleats to cover those unwanted exposures. This unique wear is filled with traditional and stylish trendy structure that will surely turn heads while you walk. Made from poly cotton material, this utility is more than durable to resist all your daily activities you perform, be it spending the entire day in this beauty, it can withstand everything till the T. Quick note: Measure your waist before you buy! do not use your pant or jeans size to order this unique kilt.

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Read more about this kilt at: UT Kilts – Best Cheap Utility Kilts

4.  Men’s Greenhorn Utility Kilt by Damn Near Kilt ‘Em

utility-kiltNext at number 4 is another excellent kilt from Damn Near Kilt ‘Em.  This utility kilt is made for the first timer, that is an greenhorn individual that would love to try on the kilt and move towards in the pant-free culture and give up the $200 waste forever. Made from elegant and well-defined fibers of soft poly cotton, this kilt has all the essence of your cargo pant with multi-functional pockets to hold your tools and essential items. The kilt is simple in style, while keeping the traditional pleats intact, the guys at the company have added today’s modern trends and style to this unique beauty. Keeping in mind the wearer’s transition from the cargos, this kilt is extremely durable and sustain all your daily chores with ease. The material is lightweight and breathable for the skin, making it more comfortable than your regular jeans or pants. And, also adding to the flare are the bottomless and sturdy front apron to prevent from those unwanted exposures. At the side, the kilt consists of stylish snap closures that secures your kilt around your waist, giving you the perfect fit you require in your kilt. So go ahead and buy your first kilt…..Don’t forget to consider this one though!

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Read more about this product at: Damn Near Kilt ’em – Best Utility Kilts You Can Buy

5.  Cargo Utility Kilt for Active Men by Scottish Kilt Shop

This is the best selling kilt for men on the scottishkiltshop.com website. Scottish Kilt Shop are known for their best custom made utility kilt that is easy on the pocket and excellent fit on the hips.scottish-kilt As the name suggest, this strong utility kilt is made for the active man that enjoys working in his field wearing his beloved kilt. To accomplish this, this kilt is made from 100% pure cotton and with its ruggedness and toughness, sure can handle all those tasks with ease, and at the same time is easy on your skin. You can say that this cargo kilt is extremely comfortable to wear, and not to forget those multi utility pockets that can hold all your daily essentials easily. This cargo variant kilt is especially made for men that love wearing their kilt at work or playing at the field. The kilt no only is comfortable, but is also stylish yet traditional with those knife pleats, thus, completing the new trendy look. This modern utility kilt is available in 5 different colors to choose from, with most of the simple technique and features you can customize on the fly the company’s website. The buttons that come along are rust-free and designed to sustain till the very end. The kilt has large deep pockets on either side with protruding snap down flaps and extra slip pockets. In addition, the kilt has straps that you can use to adjust the fitment and to accommodate the belts you wear to work. Currently, this product in on a massive sale right now, go ahead and buy this ultimate beast from the store.

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6.  Black Cotton Outdoors Utility Kilt for Men

This modern utility kilt is made for the active men that love to work and toil in their fields all day long and require the much needed freedom and comfort, while they slog at their workplace. This utility kilt from Tartanista is the most apt wear for any men that can wear.

This kilt is made from pure heavy weight cotton that is light weight on the body, but rough and tough on the outside, making it viable for the active men to wear this strong headed kilt to work and at the fields. The kilt comes with long carpenter multi-functional flap pockets that can easily fit all your small tools & equipment.

The utility kilt is equipped with fancy studs on both sides and fitted with well designed antique brass buckles and sophisticated studs to complete the overall styling of this kilt. In addition, this modern utility kilt has internal studs that provide better hold and grip of the kilt around your waist. To complete the trendy look, this kilt comes with 2 fabric straps with eyelets and buckles to securely surround this kilt around your waist and to give you the most perfect fit that you are looking for in a kilt.

This brand is extremely famous for its Scottish kilts and sporrans, and now the company is slowly and steadily capturing the utility kilts market. Do check out the kilt from this brand, which is affordable and best quality for your attire.

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7.  Super Fit Utility Kilt

This one is the most delightful utility kilt you can imagine in today’s time. The kilt is made for the rocker in you that wishes to avoid those smelly unconformable pant and would love to adopt freedom and comfort, while you can move on your Harley Davidson with ease and no worry. The kilt is fortified with great cotton material that can withstand all your endeavors with ease and no worry, yet keeping your skin soft, to give you the most comfortable fit and great feeling on the move. This super stylish kilt comes with various multi-functional pockets and a biker’s chain that will go along your hipper look and attire, giving you the best alternative to those uncomfortable leather pants. In addition, the kilt has straps to secure your kilt around your waist perfectly and hooks to add a belt to your unique kilt if require, or to attach a sporran. You can easily wear this unique beauty kilt along with your bikers jacket to add the  rebel  look on your personality and style.  

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8.   Highlander Kilt from Damn Near Kilt ‘Em

This extremely gorgeous highlander kilt is made for the man in the wilderness. The kilt is especially designed for men that love adventures and love to be nature and dwell in bliss around the mountains and forest.

To start with a quick review of this unique modern utility kilt, this pair of kilt wear built to last and easily handled all your manly endeavors withe ease and with comfort, giving you ever lasting feeling while you toil in the nature. The style is extremely contemporary, filled with a mixture of modern day styling with traditional pleats that adds flare to the unique kilt that you wear.

The highlander kilt comes with a handmade designed custom button with extra hooks, straps, multi functional pockets that can hold all your mountaineering items and you can carry on your trekking task without any worry.

This kilt is made from 100% military grade cotton that is sturdy, durable and strong form the outside, yet comfortable and breathable on the inside, to give you the most relieving feeling while you walk along your path. This modern utility kilt is much more comfortable and strong than those cargo pant or trekking pants.

Do try this beauty and live with nature.

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9.  Highlander Tartans Utility Kilt from UT Kilts

This is one of the entry level modern utility kilt offered by the UT Kilts brand – known for their best quality and excellent kilt fitting that the company provides to men. This one is made for the highlander men that love to wear their and kilt dwell with nature, that is, men that love to go on treks to be with nature. This excellent gray highlander kilt is made from 100% premium cotton that is extremely soft and easy on the body. It comes with dual side cargo pockets on either sides, coupled with black studs. This kilt though made from entry level individuals, the kilt is filled with powerful utility functions that aids men in performing various rugged task with ease and complementing them in their endeavors. The kilt is fitted with strong snaps that you can use to secure your utility kilt around your waist to give you the most desired fit. In addition, the rugged design and structure coupled with cargo pockets that can hold all the common items in them , is more than enough for men that seek the best modern utility kilt to dress in for those casual evenings to toil in the farmlands. This kilt is a perfect mix of quality and price and feels premium, when you dress the kilt for your daily life. Do try out this simple, yet elegant kilt from UT Kilts that will complement your personality with such beauty and silky cloth on your body.

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10. Black Deluxe Modern Utility Kilt from McWiliams

This black modern utility kilt is one of the best kilt in our list that we present today. The kilt is the best version to replace your trouser and be a part of the pant free culture. This kilt is made from natural 100% cotton with the same feel of your cotton cargo pants, but with the structure of the traditional and rich Scottish heritage of a kilt. The kilt also has multi-functional pockets on either sides to hold all your small and medium items, and additional two small hidden pockets to keep your money safe and secure. This black deluxe modern kilt has a unique dual double lock system that you can use to secure your elegant kilt around your waist, based on your liking to complete your kilt look with class. You can wear this utility kilt on casual wear for your daily routine or on the beach, when you hang around with your friends and loved ones. This utility kilt is available in 30″ upto 50″ waist size that can be worn by any man with ease and without worry.

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11. Hunting Stewart Scottish Highland Kilt

So in today’s list, we talk about a highland kilt worn by Scottish hunters that love to be one with nature and need extreme comfort in their daily routine. The kilt we talk today is a hunting stewart 5-yard Scottish kilt that is filled with tradition and history for every man’s wardrobe. This is a value kilt ideal for everyday use, but you can also wear this elegant beauty for those formal events with family and friends. The kilt is an excellent wear which comes at the most affordable cost and with loads of discount for the festive season. You can choose this mix opportunity that is superb combination of a mix traditional kilt with the beauty and functionality of a modern utility kilt, making it an excellent choice for men. The kilt has flat front apron with deep black pleats. In addition, the kilt also has leather straps that you can use to secure your kilt around the waist. The drop is excellent at approx. 24’’ for all sizes, buy always measure your kilt at the navel level…Do not use your trouser size for measurements. Features of this utility cum traditional kilt is as follows:
  • 5-yard 10-pound excellent kilt that is snuggy fit around the outside, but soft and comfortable on the inside
  • Inner cotton liner to keep you comfortable throughout the day and make you forget your shorts and cargo
  • Value for money kilt that is made for everyday use and can also be worn on formal events
  • Flat frontal apron with deep black pleats and leather straps to secure your kilt perfectly around your waist, thus combining style and traditions in one outfit
Ensure to remove the pleats sewn inside for that perfect fit. Remove the superfluous stitching that is added inside the pleats of the modern utility kilt.
Just to sum up the story behind reviewing this great modern utility kilt, is that this wear is must wear for a comfortable wardrobe for men that love an alternative to your jeans, cargos or trousers. You can buy a wonderful looking sporran at the following link: click here
Great company… Great attention to detail, fantastic product, well-crafted and easy to wear… a favorite hiking gear!

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12. Black Cotton Utility Kilt – Canvas Fabric

In this post of the best modern utility kilt for men, we bring to you another utility kilt that is a replica of a canvas denims, which you wear in your daily life.  Let’s review this relatively newer brand of modern utility kilt that claims to be a different alternative to your casual wear and see if its fits in our overall approach of abiding with the pant-free culture. This modern day utility kilt for the burning man is especially designed for outgoing men that want an alternative to their most uncomfortable pant and jeans. The kilt is designed with premium 100% heavy cotton material that is durable, and rugged on the outside, but soft and skin-friendly on the inside. The kilt structure wear in line with the traditional kilt wear of the highlands, and the flare is present in its overall styling, that we felt was more contemporary for today’s youth. The black colored modern utility kilt is made keeping in mind men that love to wear kilts for sports, fashion or rock events, even you can wear this unique kilt wear as a casual attire, when you go out to spend time with your loved ones, including friends & family. Coming to its features, this men skirt comes with large dual cargo pockets on either side, providing access to hold all your valuables that you need for your daily life. The pockets are approx. 24 x 15 cm. Next, the utility kilt comes with unique straps that you can use to securely tighten you kilt around your waist, to give you the most perfect and desired kilt look, and to look smart in those kilt wear. The fall of this utility kilt for men is also well thought of approx. 24” that is the standard length you can find in any kilts on our list. To complete the overall look, this modern utility kilt comes with elegant brass studs that are visible on the kilt, to give you a great feeling and style for your casual bottom wear. We were extremely pleased with how the kilt felt, when we dressed up this modern utility kilt. Our review says that you can consider this terrific looking, yet simple black utility kilt, coupled with multi-functional features and style to seek in an alternative to your canvas denims. Features of this canvas black modern utility kilt
  • Made from 100% cotton fabric, that is durable and comfortable to wear
  • Ideally created to be worn on casual events, like sports, fashion or rock shows
  • Simple, stylish black colored utility kilt with traditional kilt structure
  • Large multi-functional pockets to hold your essentials
  • Straps to secure your kilt around your waist for the perfect fit
  • Has a standard fall of approx. 24 inch
  • Brass stud that completes your overall look and feel of the kilt

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Summary – Modern Utility Kilt

So with that we conclude the list with the best 5 top selling modern utility kilt available on the internet. We are still trying various different brands and trying to understand their features as well. Do stay tuned for more updated post. Please put in your comment below for your likes and dislikes.
# Product Rating Buy At
1.   Sport Utility Kilt from Damn Near Kilt ‘Em  5/5 stars  Buy on Amazon
2. Standard Modern Utility Kilt Black From UT Kilts  5/5 stars  Buy on Amazon
3. Men’s Deluxe Modern Utility Kilt by UT Kilts 4.5/5 stars  Buy on Amazon
4. Men’s Greenhorn Utility Kilt by Damn Near Kilt ‘Em 4.5/5 stars Buy on Amazon
5. Cargo Utility Kilt for Active Men by Scottish Kilt Shop  4.3/5 stars  Buy directly at scottishkiltshop

Black Cotton Outdoors Utility Kilt for Men

4.3/5 stars  Buy At Amazon

Super Fit Utility Kilt

4.3/5 stars Buy At Amazon

Highlander Kilt from Damn Near Kilt ’em

4.4/5 stars Buy At Amazon

Highlander Tartans Utility Kilt from UT Kilts

4.3/5 stars Buy At Amazon

Black Modern Utility Kilt from McWilliams

4.2/5 stars Buy At Amazon
11. Hunting Stewart Scottish Highland Kilt  4.1/5 stars  Buy At Amazon
12. Black Cotton Utility Kilt – Canvas Fabric 4.1/5 stars Buy At Amazon