Best Scottish Sporran for Sale 2022

“A Scottish Sporran is a skin that completes a kilt….!”

Over the months, we have covered the major modern utility kilts that you can buy online. These utility kilts add valor and pride to every man, and is the most loved asset that a man can ever wear with his personality.
Apart from the above point that we talked about, another vital element that completes our beloved utility kilt is a sporran. In today’s post, we are gonna list the best Scottish Sporran available online, so that you can choose the best and as usual the cheapest variant to complete the look you have chosen.  We would talk more about a Sporran – traditional alternative to a kilt pocket, in our post below. Do read till the very end.

Before we begin, you must read our Kilt Infomedia Section, where we talk about the things that you must keep in mind, before you can purchase a kilt for your desired sporran. Click Here for more information. You can read more information on measuring your utility kilt at this post – How to Measure a Modern Utility Kilt?

Top Scottish Sporran for Sale to Buy Online

1.   Black Leather Day Scottish Sporran

This one is what we call is a starter sporran for sale, especially made for people that have started adopting the kilting culture and have just got used to the utility kilt. However, don’t just believe what we just said about its description, this sporran is actually more powerful and a excellent looking piece that you can carry with your kilt. We would categorize this item, as the best day sporran, since you carry off this sporran easily on a formal business event or use it for those occasional daily wear. scottish sporran This marvelous looking scottish sporran is made from the best premium quality grained leather, that is manufactured with precise machinery to give you the classic and perfect finesse, which will astonish your kilt wear.  The sporran measures approx. 8 inches long and is approx 7 inches broad, giving you the right compartment to hold all your daily essentials with ease and without worry. In addition, you will get a good looking three piece leather tasseles that add value and purpose to your sporran, a beauty and marvel at your waist. This scottish sporran has a stud and flap assembly to open and can be fitted to your beloved utility kilt with ease using the included adjustable belt and chain that is provided with the sporran.
Note, the belt provided with this item can fit waists upto size 46″, and can be shortened using the adjustable buckle provided.
So for men that still use the traditional kilt or wear the more modern utility kilt and are looking for more comfort in holding all your daily essentials like your keys, purse, tools, etc., can wear this excellent looking and cheap sporran that will solve and hold all your items with ease, without relying on any other external pockets or purse to hold these good. Truly with the adjustable belt, chain and tasseles, this black leather scottish sporran is a best gifting opportunity as well as an indeed friend that will last and bless your utility kilt. A great sporran at an attractive sale price to choose from.

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2.   Double Embossed Leather Sporran

This is another sporran for your scottish kilt wear that will add the much required elegance to your utility kilt, as well as your traditional kilt. Another day sporran that you can consider for those daily events and formal attire to match your kilt for your office wear. This simple looking sporran is made from pure leather, which can resist all your day-to-day chores with ease and without any worry. It can comfortably hold all your items and essentials, while you can quietly work hard in the fields or at your workplace. scottish sporran for kilt The main USP of this sporran is the metal emblem embossed on the flap. This emblem symbolizes the Irish culture and its thistle emblems the traditional Scottish and Celtic traditions in your kilt. To complete the look, the sporran also comes with a chain belt and a special D type loop for adjusting your sporran around your waist and add the pleasant value to your kilt. Do check out the special sale on sporran that is offered by the company.

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3.   Leather Chrome Plated Sporran

Moving ahead with another scottish sporran to add value to your beloved kilt. This one is from the same house that brings to you the above sporran. The only change that it provides is its unique and attractive chrome plating that acts as a shining armor to your kilt. This is a unique mixture with a daily sporran and a dress sporran, so would rate this great beauty as a semi-dress sporran. Just to summarize this exquisite sporran; the sporran is made from premium leather and has all the elements of a typical sporran. It consist of a chrome plated emblem on its flap that adds to the major USP of the kilt. Moving ahead, the sporran consists of three tassels on the front to complete the look of the item on your kilt. This kilt can hold all your daily essentials and items, all due to its adequate length and height (7” width). To securely fit the sporran across your waist, the kilt comes along with an chain adjustable belt and fitting D shaped loop that will hold your sporran on your kilt. Do try this one from the special house to enhance your favorite utility kilt. Check out this sporran available on sale with attractive discounts to offer.

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4.   Black Cowhide Leather Kilt Sporran

Made from the pure leather, this sporran is one of the most elegant looking item in the list above.  The most important eye opening element to this sporran is the soft cow hide that is attached to the front of the item. In addition, the sporran consists of a well designed shiny metal plate on the top to complete the overall look of the sporran and make it look absolutely premium for the kilt you wear. Above all, this scottish sporran comes with three leather tassels to add uniqueness of the item. An absolute bliss you will feel when you carry and wear this sporran on your kilt waist. To give you the best look and secure fit around your waist, this pouch comes with a belt and 43″ adjustable chain, so that you can wear the sporran securely around your waist.  The kilt is approx. 8×8″ in width and height and can easily fit all your small items and equipment easily, including your wallet, money, cards, keys, etc. We can categorize this sporran as a semi-dress sporran, which you can easily wear on a formal outing or on a special occasion to showcase your style and honor.

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5.   Black Rabbit Leather Kilt Sporran

This on the list is a dress sporran that you can wear on your traditional kilt. Excellent design coupled with black soft rabbit cloth on the front, just presents the classic tradition kilt wear with great pride and honor. A true warrior will be ignited by wearing this beautiful sporran around your waist. The sporran  or kilt pouch is made from premium leather and coated with pure black rabbit soft fur on the front to add that royal look to your sporran. The kilt pouch is structured in a all leather enclosure with 43″ adjustable chain. Moreover, the kilt pouch provides adequate space for all your items that you carry everyday and for those special occasions. To complete the look, this bovine sporran comes with three leather tassels that will enrich the overall look of your kilt wear to give you great feeling, while you go out on  special or traditional events or weddings. Do try this excellent quality sporran along with your kilt.

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6.   Cowhide Semi-Dress Scottish Sporran

Another design-able and fashionable sporran to add to your wardrobe is this excellent looking kilt pouch/purse to buy. This item is in the shades of the skin color that is manufactured in complete leather and has a front made up of cowhide, which gives you the most premium and elegant finish to your design and kilt you wear. To add more fineness to this sporran, the kilt purse is surrounded with well designed irish thistle emblem and comes with 5 tassels to beautify your sporran to wear on your utility kilt. To conclude, this sporran includes a chain and d loop to secure the pouch around your wait, so that you hold all your daily essential with ease in your daily routine or when you go for that formal evening with your loved ones and family.

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7.   Scottish Kilt Coyote Fur Sporrans

Another interesting sporran to consider in this list is from the house of UT Kilts – manufacturer of best utility kilts online. This sporran is available in two flavors – one for the day outfit and one for the semi-dress wear. You can pick any one from this excellent manufacturer. To give you a summary about this sporran; this kilt pouch is made elegantly from premium leather, while the outer side of this sporran is made from 100% pure coyote fur to give you that wild, rich, lavish look on your traditional Celtic kilt. The USP of this coyote sporran is its lavish and great look, coupled with great quality, low price and super fast shipping from one of the best manufacturer of utility kilts is a pure steal deal that you can consider, when you buy this sporran. Do consider this option to look at, when you buy a sporran which is on exclusive sale.

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8.   Celtic Kilt Sporran from SZCO Supplies

This day sporran is all famous for its look and elegance. The sporran can suit all your day to day activities with ease and without worry. You can carry all your simple items, like, card, wallet, flask comfortably and securely in this tiny looking pouch.

The celtic kilt sporran is approx. 8 inches in length and approx. 7″ wide, and is made from pure black leather, with a tinch of celtic know to add the much desired look on your sporran. It comes with three leather tassels adds the overall appeal on the kilt and a stainless steel looking pin to securely lock your sporran without any worry and keeping in mind the styling needs.

To complete the overall look, the sporran comes with a adjustable chain and leather belt to fit the sporran around your waist and give you the perfect look for your kilt.

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9.   Celtic Sporran with Embossed Emblem and Belt

This celtic/scottish sporran is made exclusively from 100% cowhide leather and has an embossed celtic emblem design on the front to give your sporran the most elegant and rich look. The sporran has a easy-to-use flap secure mechanism that you can open and put in all your daily essentials in it. The main USP of this sporran is attractive looks and great discounted price to give you your kilt the ultimate feeling without being heavy on your wallet. The sporran comes with a belt and steel chain, helping you to secure the sporran easily and comfortably around your utility kilt and give you the perfect look that you wish to carry in your daily life. The sporran belt fits waist around 30″- upto 48″

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10. Scottish Scoot Leather – Day Sporran

So this elegant looking sporran from the Armory Replicas that one of the featured brands, providing various armory items.  Now coming on the elegant Scottish Sporran pouch, this pouch is meant to function just as your pockets on your pants. The main USP of the sporran is the way it is crafted, the company has handcrafted the entire structure to give you the raw and the most traditional feeling, when you wear this unique sporran on your utility kilt. The sporran is made from 100% raw superior quality leather that can withstand all your daily chores with ease and support. You can wear this sporran on your utility kilt or on kilts that do not have pockets and can easily hold all your daily essentials with ease and support.
This Scottish Soot is a typical day sporran that is brown-black in color and adds the much desired comfort and style on the wearer. The sporran pouch comes with three leather tassels with knotted Celtic ends that hand from the tassels that complete the entire trendy fashion of the wearer. The sporran has a belt loop on the black through which you can pass your kilt belt and secure around your waist with ease.
Note: This sporran does not come with any chains or belts as specified in our above Scottish sporran list.
Nevertheless, this sporran is the most elegant looking, hand-crafted design, especially made for kilt wearer that love to combine the traditional heritage along with today’s style and fashion. The sporran is available at the best price, as part of the ongoing sale on amazon. You can also see our best utility kilts for sale list to make even better choices for your sporran.

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11. Rabbit Fur Sporran from Tartanista

This elegant looking sporran is made from the best rabbit skin that adds the much required elegance for your traditional kilt to carry all your small belongings with pride. This sporran falls under our Dress Sporran that is worn on special occasions to brighten up your attire and stand out in the crowd. To give you a simple gist about this sporran, the sporran is made from the best available rabbit fur with a standard lion badge added on the front of the flap to dd the much required elegance on the sporran. The sporran is then completed with a leather padding that houses the flap. You can easily open the sporran using the flap. In addition, the sporran comes with three tassels are present to dress and complete your kilt look.
To add the sporran and secure this sporran on waist, the company provides free sporran belt for your needs.
This is the best available dress scottish sporran for sale at the moment and is trending amazingly on Do try one of these for the festive season.

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12. Scottish Kilt Rob Roy Sporran from UT Kilts

Coming from the house of UT Kilts, that is a well-known brand in producing excellent utility kilts, this sporran is sure to turn heads. This Scottish sporran is the simplest, yet elegantly designed sporran, we have in our list today.
The word Rob Roy comes from the greatest Scottish outlaw hero, that was known as the ‘Scottish Robin hood’, and this sporran is made in his memory and achievement.
The sporran is made from 100% real leather and looks extremely simple. The soft body of the pouch can accommodate many of your small – medium essentials and items with ease and comfort. The opening of this sporran is extremely large and holds more products than the traditional hard backed sporrans. In addition, the opening of the Scottish sporran consists of beautiful driven tie enclosure with silky tassels that will surely turn heads, when you dress the sporran on your best utility kilt for those casual evenings. Features of the Rob Roy Sporran:
  • Made from 100% real leather and resemble the look of the pouch worn by Rob Roy
  • Unique 2 tassel design that adds elegance and completes the look
  • Includes high quality chain belt and strap to secure the sporran around your kilt
  • Cheapest price that you can find for such real leather Scottish sporran/pouch for men
  • Faster shipping and great brand to trust in the scope of kilt making
scottish sporran Do try this superior quality Scottish pouch with the cheapest price available on your favorite amazon store.

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13. Men Scottish Semi Dress Black Sporran

So today on our list of the best scottish sporran for sale is the special semi dress sporran from the makers of wonderful sporran – MacDonald.
You can wear this great looking sporran with a Prince Charlie or Argyll jacket, or any casual kilt wear for those casual or formal occasions.
Coming to the review of this sporran, the outside covering of the kilt pouch is specially hand-made from stiff hard leather with traditional goatskin on the front on the flap. The sporran is further completed with beautifully looking chrome caps and chain. semi dress sporran The goatskin looks just like the material used for making sporran in the olden days, truly traditional and filled with great and rich Scottish customs and heritage. As stated above, the back of the sporran is a single continuous firm leather that holds the front flap. In addition, the front flap is designed with a great looking chrome thistle motif, that hides the stud fastener easily and cleanly.  All an all, the entire structure is hardened with fine and excellent quality leather to give you the supreme and rich look. The kilt pouch or you can say this semi dress sporran can easily hold all your spare essentials, such as money, keys, mobile comfortably, when you travel out with your friends and family.
The only drawback of the sporran is its small opening of around 1.5″, and the not that big in our list on the best scottish sporran.
The back-end of the sporran comes with short leather strips that can be used to hook in your chain to secure the sporran around your kilt.  The leather and the chrome chain truly compliments itself to give you the utmost fit, with a clean and descent finish for your kilt wear. You can easily use the strap buckles provided on the chain to adjust the sporran securely around your waist. The sporran we talk here comes with a free chain strap that can fit waist sizes upto 48″, starting from 28″. You can also contact the manufacturer in case you are looking for chain size greater than the mentioned waist size. Features of the semi dress black sporran:
  • Made with special stiff leather that has soft leather sides
  • Designed with  black goatskin on the font of the sporran with elegant tassels for decoration
  • Aided with 3 tassels, combined with chrome cap and chain to complete your kilt look
  • Beautiful and traditional thistle emblem on the flap, that also hides the stud fastener
  • Larger enough to hold all your small essentials with ease and comfort
  • Comes with free chain strap that can fit size  between 28″ – 48″ waist

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14. Black Celtic Wing Sporran

We further talk about a much better looking sporran for every kilt a man aspires. That’s right! we talk about the wing sporran, worn by many Celtic kilt wearers. The one we review today, is a typical Celtic wing sporran. Let’s begin with our review.

The sporran is very good in the quality, arriving in pure black leather that really lives up to the expectation of adding value to the utility kilt. Coming to its design, the celtic wing does differentiate itself from the usual Scottish sporran we saw in our list. The wing design is very unique and is something different for kilt-wearers. 

celtic wing sporran

Next, the space provided of the sporran was great. With a specifications of 8″ in length and 7.5″ in width, this Celtic wing sporran can easily hold up all your small items, like mobile, wallet, keys, etc. with ease. You can also use the sporran as a replacement for your purse, in case your kilt pockets are full.

The best part of this sporran is that is comes with a belt and adjustable chain to secure the sporran properly around your waist, according to every man’s liking and taste.

Truly, with all the features, laid out, we found this Celtic wing day sporran a great buy for people that love simple yet elegant look, and want to try something different than the usual Scottish sporran.

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15. Fur Sporran in Real Leather

Presenting a different sporran for your Scottish Kilt. This sporran, manufactured from the house of McAndrew, is hand stitched using premium real leather and filled with great  craftsmanship.

We really loved what we saw, and we got what we deserved. The overall look of this sporran was very premium and easily went well with our Scottish Kilt. The sporran as a standard with a defined three tassels that add up to the overall look. Note, this is a full dress sporran, which should always be worn on a entire scottish kilt attire, mostly for formal events and weddings.

You also receive a chain belt with the sporran that can be used to secure the sporran around the waist of your kilt. This kilt purse had great depth and could easily accommodate all your smaller daily essentials with ease and without worry.

Overall, we found this fur sporran is great buy that you can consider for your formal events. The look of the sporran greatly appealed us. 

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16. Premium Modern Day Sporran from Damn Near Kilt ‘Em

premium-sporran2This kilt manufacturer is killing its competition with its great quality utility kilt and has now step up its ante towards Scottish sporran. And, man we were completely blown away by its new premium sophisticated modern-day sporran. Let’s begin with our review and see why this sporran stands out from the rest.

The look of this sporran itself talks volume in what it offers. This sporran is made up from 100% leather fabric, and it is by far the premium quality leather we have seen so far. The company claims that they have used 100% cowhide pure leather in making this sporran a beautiful accessory for the kilt. 

The sporran build quality is quite rugged and made for men that involve in gruelling activities in their work. The belt loops and the closures are made from high-quality hardware, which will not fail, during your task. Overall, the quality does suit the price it offers. 

The sporran consist of three wide enclosures, where 2 huge enclosures to fit all your daily essentials, can be secured using the zip and a single mini enclosure that can be snapped using the button. We didn’t find any issue in accessing our items, from the sporran. Also, due to its size and way it is designed, the enclosures are hidden from the view, making it look cool and elegant.

Completing the sporran is the belt loop attachments that can fit any kilt with ease. These attachments are removable, in case you want to hook a different chain on the sporran for customization. Truly, every man will rock in his kilt attire, when we wears this unique looking purse with his beloved kilt.
This kilt looks really cool and gels well with the Smithy Utility Kilt by the same brand.
So to summarize our review, this sporran is a great looking purse for your kilt, made from 100% cow hide and has superb premium finish on the outside. Do consider buying this elegant looking for sporran if you wish to buy a sporran for a more formal occasion that has great storage and premium looks.

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Introduction to Scottish Sporran

So what is this sporran? some may say a pouch, some say a purse, but we call this a skin to a kilt. A fellow friend to our beloved traditional kilt that enhances, supports and is available with the men throughout their daily chores and in the fields.

To give a background about the history of a sporran; the word sporran means purse in the Scottish and Gaelic language and culture. Traditional kilts did not have pockets to hold items and all the daily essentials.

This made it difficult for men to carry small items, be it keys, money, tools, equipment, small amount of food grains, musket shot in wars times, etc. To help the kilt wearer a Scottish sporran was devised that could hold these items and act as a support for the kilt.

The sporran was secured around the waist over the kilt and severed as pocket for the men. It in no way obscured or proved hindrance for men on the fields or on the grounds, when they went to work in the farms.
Modern times with the kilts moving to become more utility oriented with pockets, a sporran cannot be forgotten and is now worn along with the kilt for every occasion, be it daily or for a dress event, the sporran acts a s kilt purse and holds all items, such mobile phone, cards, money, flask inside it.

Types of  Scottish Sporran

A sporran is available in different styles, shapes, and elegance to support the growing stylish millennials as the world is more moving quickly in terms of fashion. We list the following types of sporrans that you can consider while buying your favorite sporran. Above all, leather is one of the major element that is common in all the types of sporran. The three main types are classified as Day, Dress and Semi-Dress

Day Sporran This type of sporran is the most common sporran available in the market today. You can use this variant with your daily or formal kilt or at your workplace. This sporran symbolizes a traditional sporran, made from pure leather and without any shiny metals around it, perfect for formal events with your colleagues or friends, and also for your business routines around your place. Dress Sporran This type of sporran is more lavish and looks rich when worn on your traditional highland kilt. As the name suggests ,this sporran is strictly meant for special function that are traditional and pure, like weddings.

You can carry of the kilt in style and where you want to be dressed your best for the event, making it a highlight for your kilt. The sporran is typically made from animal;s fur to give you the richer look and great attire accessories. Semi Dress Sporran A new type of variant that is evolved to satisfy today’s generation is the semi-dress sporran.

This sporran combines the day sporran and the dress sporran, to give you a more simple, yet rich, yet sober design that you can use as a formal wear or for a special occasion and event.

This sporran can be used on a formal as well on causal kilts in your wardrobe. * Notable Sporran This is a special type of sporran that is customized based on the request of customers that love to have a lavish and tremendously rich sporran across their waist.

These types of sporran involves different cantles, clan crests etc. that suit the needs of individuals.

On of the most famous sporran in this segment is the horse hair sporran that consist of strands of horse hair attached to the front of the sporran.

How to wear a Scottish Sporran?

A scottish sporran is a joke if it is not worn properly around your kilt. Keep in mind a sporran will always come above a kilt and is secured firmly using a belt or chain, as desired with your outfit.

A sporran is always worn perpendicular to all your kilt accessories and wear, that is extremely below of your kilt center line, your waist coat, if your wear one and just center and below of your shirt buttons, and just center of your kilt belt buckle.

Another point to note here is that a sporran should hang not more than three fingers below your kilt. Follow these simple rules and you should do well in wearing this excellent kilt.

Pics courtesy by Kiltmakers

Stay tuned for more sporrans to consider, because we gonna update this post regularly…..join the kilt revolution guys!