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So in the previous post, we talked about the best utility kilts from the Damn Near Kilt ‘Em, moving ahead with the kilt trend, today, we talk about the best utility from UT Kilts, another most sought name in the manufacturing of utility kilts. UT Kilts has over the years evolved as the most desired place to buy those trendy yet traditional modern kilt over the decade now. The main factor that has helped this company is the wide variation in selecting the most amazing and diverse kilts, starting from the basic utility kilt to the traditional woolly ones, and all that at cheap and attractive prices. UT Kilts All this without compromising on quality, which has always been the main selling point for UT Kilts all these years. Before spending more time on this topic, lets quickly move on the list that talks about the famous utility kilts offered by this manufacturer. Very Important! Ensure you measure your waist size, before you make your purchase. Don’t use your jeans or pant size to order the required kilt. Follow additional steps to measure your waist size , before you buy. You can also read about the best sporrans that you can wear on your beloved utility kilt at :

List of Best Cheap Utility Kilts from UT Kilts

 1.  UT Kilts Men’s UTK Standard Utility Kilt Black

# 1 Best Seller on Amazon.com This is one of the most elegant piece of material binded to form the basis utility kilt. A standard utility kilt built with stylish cargo pockets and strong brass studs to add a flavor on top of it. This is the company’s most basis level kilt, or a person new to the kilting culture try one of these beauty. However, any man that forms a view of the pant-free culture can buy and wear this rugged and durable utility kilt that is made to last till the end, while keeping the design and utility at its best. This kilt has large amount of cargo pockets that fits every guys utilities that you carry for performing your daily chores. A size that fits all your items. Coming to the design front, the kilt has pleats that are stitched downwards to get that perfect kilt look, without compromising on your daily activities. The kilt also has strong and sturdy snaps that give you a rock solid and skin friendly, yet comfortable fit to your lower body. All this features, coupled with excellent comfort, comes at a low price with great trust on this utility kilt you wear. If you want to buy the best and cheap modern and standard utility kilt at the most amazing price, then look no forth, this is the kilt that you look for to add the elegant fabulous look to your dress wear. UT_Kilts_Black
  • Provided with 2 snap closures (one on the inside)
  • Consists of 2 large cargo pockets on each side
  • Made from the best Poly-Cotton material that is rough, yet easy on the skin
  • Note, that all sizes are provided with 23″ drop to maintain the integrity
  • Size from 30 to 50 to choose from

More colors to choose form:

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2.   UT Kilts Men’s Deluxe Utility kilt

This piece of cloth is more than your traditional basic kilt. If you are looking for a traditional, mixed with style and functional for your utilities, than this one will solve your problems, or you can say, this is the beast kilt that you should buy. What makes this deluxe kilt is that it is far more superior than the above standard utility kilt you read above. This one consists of more features, which you get, plus all the standard features of a utility kilt. The main USP of this product is the bigger side cargo pockets. You can push all your utility items and equipment into these pockets that can hold more than the standard variant. In addition, you get extra back pockets for those extra tools and easy access to all your utilities. The front on the kilt involves a studded apron that gives a unique style element to those traditional kilt wear, and is bound to turn many heads, as you walk down the road. This utility kilt from UT Kilts has slide-able side buckles that help in adjusting this unique beauty on your hips and maintain a composure of your fittings. This adds a excellent flair to the utility kilt and wear. Arising from the lands of the gladiators, this kilt is made from highly durable poly made cotton material that can handle all those rough and tough days, while still being easy on your skin, like your normal clothes. So go ahead and buy this deluxe edition of the standard/modern utility kilt that solves all your daily activities with easy and bliss.  Strap and climb on these kilt.

More colors to choose from:

  • Extra large cargo pockets on the side that fits anything and everything
  • Additional 2 rear pockets for those extra items
  • Extremely unique and special design at attractive and cheap price for the kilt with great quality from UT Kilts
  • Product Dimensions: 23.5 x 13 x 0.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3 pounds
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 3.  UT Kilts Men’s Standard II Utility Kilt

The UT Kilts Standard II is all about function. It is similar to our Standard utility kilt. It has a 22 inch drop along with 2 cargo pockets. However, we have eliminated the side buckles and put 3 snaps on the front apron. The side cargo pockets have been enlarged to hold more items and bigger cell phones. When we say everything can be carried in this kilt, we mean everything. This kilt offers everything you expect from a kilt maker: high quality, excellent customer service, fast shipping, and great looks! Don’t hesitate and buy one for yourself now.
More colors to choose from:
  • Extra Large side cargo pockets to fit just about anything!
  • Studded front apron for a unique look
  • Durable poly-cotton material and construction with 22 inch standard length
  • FAST SHIPPING! All orders are shipped via 2-3 day priority mail.
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4.   Men’s Outdoor Wild Kilt

This kilt is perfect for those moments that you need to spend time in the wild away from the daily routine and enjoy a day with nature. to give you the desired company and the power of Bear Grylls, this kilt will light up your day to please you with the much required functionalities and the quality to give you the comfort, while you trek and be one with nature.

UT Kilts Outdoor

This utility kilt is must buy for an outdoor enthusiast that loves and adores nature. A truly an active man couldn’t had asked for a better and mother nature loving kilt that is super attached to our well-being. This special kilt comes with two largo, easy to remove cargo side pockets and belt loops. Through the belt looks you can pass your belt and hold your items and essentials over the pockets.

The pockets then run over two heavy duty snaps and velcro, to ensure that the pockets are securely tighten around your waist. In addition, you also get two large back pockets to hold additional tools that you need along your hiking journey.  Both the pockets have an elastic opening that can stretch and easily secure your items that you carry along in your pockets. The pockets can stretch and fit any small and medium items with ease and without in any worry, because the material of the elastic is made from a well designed strong material.

Above all, you also get additional pockets over the side cargo pockets to accomplish the desire to accommodate small Swiss knifes and keys. These two smaller tiny pockets are deep and hold many items that you need to hide in case of any danger or emergency. A perfect place to store your keys, mobile, wallet, etc while you are on your journey in the woods.

Coming to the quality of the material, this utility kilt is made from the best 100% cotton that is easy and comfortable on the body, while the outside is made from well designed and structure military grade material that can withstand the most difficult terrain with ease and without worry. Fear not, cause this utility kilt won’t tear from any side. You will wear out while traveling, but this kilt won’t dwell a sweat.

To complete the overall look, this outdoor utility kilt from UT Kilts consists of three D rings on the back and two clips to add any accessories or hooks with ease and without worry.

The favorite snaps in this particular kilts has been dropped in favor of new technology Velcro band of approx 12 inch that is easy to put and remove and to give you the most desired perfect fit you were looking for in a utility kilt.

So don’t worry and buy this awesome wild utility kilt from UT Kilts for those outdoor treks.

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5.  Standard II Olive Green Utility Kilt

So continuing from the above list, today we list another utility kilt from UTKilts, a brand that brings to you the best kilts in the market today. The standard II is an upgrade over the existing edition of utility kilt sold from the company. This kilt comes in the olive green color or you can say the camouflage edition that easily blends on with your attire. The kilt as any other kilt made by the premium brand, is made from pure durable cotton fabric that is easy on the body and can easily sustain all your daily chores with ease and without worry. This kilt is known for the functions that it provides to the wearer. Coming to its features, this utility kilt has a 22 inch drop and consists of two cargo pockets on either sides to hold all your daily essentials easily and comfortably, without any worry. However, in this edition, the makers have removed the side buckles and have added 3 snaps in the front apron that you can use to tighten your kilt around your waist. The best part of the kilt is that it is made from the best kilt maker, that is, the kilt comes with superior quality, super customer supports service, fast delivery and great, yet traditional looks, that will help you in the pursuit to freedom over your trousers, jeans or cargos, presenting to you the same functionalities with the much added comfort at your feet. Moreover, the brand also offers lifetime warranty on metal hardware parts. Do try this excellent kilt from UT Kilts brand.

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UT Kilts – Pioneers in Providing Affordable, Yet Quality Kilt

A good kilt is one that makes you feel special, yet comfortable, which a pant cannot offer. And, moreover, you need a kilt that has that space to make your bottom wear useful and functional.That’s where you looking for a utility kilt. All these pooled in one single basket, with great ever-lasting quality and more important the very best price for your cheap yet wonderful looking utility kilt. kilt3 Look no where, cause UTKilts is here. One of the finest kilts supply that you can find on the internet. UT Kilts offer the best modern utility kilts for the man in you that is rich in quality and easy on the pockets, ma8king it the most affordable kilts today.

Quality of UT Kilts

Kilts manufactured from this company is very rich in quality. This is the main goal of the company towards the pant-free culture. All this, at no additional cost and frills. The kilts designed are tested and designed personally, by renowned kilt tailors to offer you the best fitting and material for your bottom wear. Moreover, the company not only boasts about its material, but also stands by it. In addition, most the kilts are on sale for year long. The utility kilts are designed for durability that last till the very end, yet being so comfortable and attractive to your personality. Each year every kilt design are reviewed and then only put in production, if they satisfy the check list raised by UT Kilts, one the points involves affordability. This means you receive the best kilt you buy. kilt1

UT Kilts Functionality – Utility Kilt

These utility kilts are manufactured uniquely, with each kilt developing its true essence. These utility kilts are more than being the traditional wear, but has evolved in being more functional that ticks all your check boxes in proving a helping hand in the field. Each kilt is made for specific men on the planet, designed to offer you the proper and the most destined fit to keep you comfortable. Functionality and stylish design are the two elements developed to make this unique utility kilt the most wearable for every men. All the kilts offered by the company is unique for every man, be it removable pockets or comfortable waist band on the ultimate utility kilt, UT Kilt has every kilt for all the person on the town. Plus, you will love the kilt you are wearing, and forget your old fashioned pants.

Utility Kilts Service by Company

Not just manufacturing kilts, this company dwells in enriching the customer’s service and helps everyone to have the most happy shopping experience. The company believes that a good kilt always follows the most happy customer service. The company also offers many personalized services to your special utility kilt and is more than happy to answer and attend to all your question, doubts, and suggestions. They believe in completely satisfying the customers till infinity. kilt2

Why UT Kilts?

Coupled with the best design and uttermost attention towards quality, this company truly understand their business and the needs of its customers to make your kilting experience the very best and ever-lasting. You no longer need to search the best kilt, just head to the company’s website and order your favorite utility kilt here. All the kilts manufactured at easy and affordable on your pockets, without compromising on quality and nature, which will last more than your pants. Try one to experience the best kilting for a life time. What more the company offers a life time warranty on each kilt that they sell, making it the most trusted brand in the kilting industry. Don’t miss this ever increasing deal and buy your kilt today.

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In case you face any problems, do call, text or email the company at the following details to get a quick and easy revert and answer. The company believes in answering each and every question fired at them. Phone: 801-309-5113 Current hours: Monday – Friday: 10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. (MST) Saturdays:  Shipping open on Saturday mornings and responds to email and text messages. Sundays:  Closed. E-mail: brice@utkilts.com * Note: we are nowhere related to the company. All the views provided are solely for information and sharing of knowledge, which the company has no influence over in any form.