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In today’s post, we are gonna list and review the best kilts available from Damn Near Kilt ’em | one of the best online shopping for those traditional kilts in the market.


Damn Near Kilt ’em has grew a reputation of designing the best modern utility and casual kilts, over a few years now. And, these folks are now slowly moving in creating a brand in the kilt industry. They are growing on the ever increasing domination of a pant-free culture. And, damn it’s true, a kilt is way better than the western piece of cloth, hurting your butt cheeks.

Moving, ahead with the topic, we gonna list some of the best & cheap kilts that are manufactured by this fabulous company called as Damn Near Kilt ’em, damning your perfect kilt, but not your pocket.

Best & Cheap Damn Near Kilt ‘Em – Utility Kilts

1.  Damn Near Kilt ‘Em Men’s Sport Utility Kilt

#1 Best Seller on Amazon.com

An contemporary neat and modern utility kilts from the stables of the Damn Near Kilt ’em, created with perfection and for the right fit.

This lightweight, breathable, and highly durable fabric helps to preserve the kilt’s structure and form, thus giving you the comfort, while you toil through the sun.

A thorough work horse has a customized placed buttons and unique flushed buckle enclosure, to give your kilt a perfect traditional flair and style.

damn near kilt 'em
  • Made from 100% pure cotton drill
  • Crafted from well known imported factory
  • Involves a snap closure mechanism
  • Especially designed keeping in mind your comfort
  • Maintaining traditional scottish style pleats, with additional compartment for those snap closures in the front apron
  • Clearly placed, bottomless various multi-functional side pockets to help you keep your manly tools
  • Huge front coverage with secured overlapping apron and double buckle closure to help avoid unwanted exposures or to prevent your upkilt

More color options to choose from:

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2.  Damn Near Kilt ‘Em Men’s Greenhorn Utility Kilt

Go Get Your First Kilt!

These greenhorn kilt is specially developed for individuals that are newcomers in wearing kilts. An excellent piece of clothing that will give you the pleasant feel of your first kilt, without worrying on comfort and look at the same.

This utility kilt is developed keeping comfort in mind, at the same time providing functional feasibility for all your tools and equipment and for fixing your daily manly errands.

This greenhorn kilt has two neat cargo pockets that will aid you in taking the first step towards the pant free culture.

  • Made exclusively from 100% cotton drill
  • Designed and created using imported material
  • Exclusive snap enclosure snap closure to prevent those tricky exposures
  • Material used is light in weight, easy on skin, provides extreme breathing space, excellent quality that withstands daily wear and tear
  • Creative kilt that lasts till the very end. No loss of form due to wearing
  • Cool and calm wear keeping in comfort in the mind for the wearer
  • Trendy style, but without loosing the traditional kilting pleats
  • Easy to wear those kilts rich in culture
  • Dynamically created bottomless kilt that has multi-side pockets to stock all your functional utility tools;
  • Enhance pleats that are indigenously developed to prevent obstruction, while you work in the sun
  • Huge front enclosure, with double-pleated apron and trendy side enclosure to prevent those unnecessary exposures

More color options to choose from:

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3.  Damn Near Kilt ‘Em Men’s Smithy Utility Kilt 

Oh wow! This is one of the leading and trendy manly beauty that you can buy. Made from thick, yet light from the skin denim cloth, this excellent utility kilt make you forget your jeans for good.

An upliftment towards the pant-free culture, this kilt will fulfill all your daily wear needs, which your jeans couldn’t fulfill. The blacksmith inspired smithy’s model consists of customized placements of all buttons with unique extra straps, hooks, and many multi-functional pockets to fulfill all your daily chores and routine.

Go get this piece of utility kilt with traditional styling and pleats for that natural flair.

  • Color: Infused Carbide Black
  • Made from 100% Denim Cotton for daily use
  • Manufactured using imported material with fine finishing
  • Excellent snap enclosure that last for those tough challenges
  • Durable, light on skin, and easy while you work, play or rest
  • Created keeping in mind the wearer’s comfort and preference
  • Easy to wash and can sustain grueling tasks with ease and comfort
  • Designed to enhance the longevity of the kilt
  • Trendy and traditional styled pleats and flair
  • Addressed with multi-functional side pockets to house your utilities
  • Ample coverage and multi-directional thick and heavy pleats to prevent those unnecessary awkward sightings

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4.  Damn Near Kilt ‘Em Highlander Utility Kilt

This one is the most suited classic kilt ever developed by this kilting giant. This unique masterpiece reminds us about our great forefathers memories. A unique design with a tinch of new design makes you wanna long for.

Created for those individuals that want the traditional kilt look, yet delighted to have the functionality of a utility kilt. This highlander burger comes with a traditional styling with enhanced functionalities for your daily chores.

In addition, it has a custom placed buttons with extra straps and hooks for your tedious fixes. You also get multi functional pockets that are completely detachable.

You can also buy customized pocket colors, tartans and create unique kilt that suits your taste and style.

Additional Color to choose from:

  • Traditional look and feel, made with 100% cotton fabric
  • Fitted with multi-functional pockets that are completely de-attachable
  • Made with unique lightweight material that is easy on the skin and can sustain long manly hours at the field
  • Strategically placed buttons and execllent bottomless structure with ample front coverage to prevent unnecessary exposures.
  • Traditionally styled pleatwork that gives you a feel of culture, with powerful utility cult

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5.  Damn Near Kilt ‘Em Stowaway Kilt

Daily Living Comfort!

A kilt built for everyday’s routine, while you live in the city or suburbs! An excellent alternative to a pant, this easy to wear kilt is designed to provide you with all the comfort and excellence of a pant.

This extraordinary kilt not only replace your pant, but also transforms to a powerful utility powerhouse, providing with you the essence to carry your tool and equipment for your daily routines.

More colors to choose from:

  • Made from 100% Cotton  fabric with keeping in mind the wearer’s comfort
  • Designed and created this imported kilt that consists of a snap enclosure
  • Light weight for the skin, durable and last long, while you do your daily chores with ease and comfort
  • Can easily withstand drastic everyday activities, while preserving the kilt’s life
  • Traditional style pleats, with ease to use multi-functional side pockets
  • As usual, huge coverage at the front, with stylish stylish double buckle to prevent unnecessary faux pas

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Damn Near Kilt ’em – Producer of Excellent Quality Casual and Utility Kilts

Damn Near Kilt ’em started selling these customary kilts with the sole purpose of providing comfort to our inner souls in our groins,, which is a major concern when we wear our pants. The founders shared a diverse background to enrich the lost forgotten culture of wearing a kilt, yet with those causal and utility mechanism that a pant fulfilled.

Armed with the motive to enhance and transform the thinking of proving comfort that was easy on skin and yet a fully functional piece of clothing, the founders invented the Damn Near Kilt ’em collection.

The following are the summary of reasons for starting this company:

  • Pants hurt the parts of a man’s derriere and front siblings, and thus are not optimal for a man’s attire
  • $300 for a piece of pant that are not at all comfortable are strictly insane and wastage of a man’s income for buying necessary equipment
  • A kilt can fulfill all the needs of a pant, yet look sexy and fulfill your daily chores with ease
  • Providing a utility pocket to take care of all your tools and equipment.The company is solely responsible to sell the best damning quality and best looking kilts in the market, without being over burden on your wallet.

Contact Info

Any other questions?  you contact them at info@damnnearkiltem.com
You can also call them up for any requirements at (323) 332-9665 or send them by the snail mail at:
PMB 596
10002 Aurora Ave N #36
Seattle, WA 98133

Social Connect

You can view exciting kilt wear from this awesome company at the following places:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DamnNearKiltEm/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/damnnearkiltem

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/damn_near_kiltem/

Buy @ Amazon: http://amzn.to/29qSF6B

* Note: we are nowhere related to the company. All the views provided are solely for information and sharing of knowledge, which the company has no influence over in any form.

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  1. I just love damn near kilt. I had purchased three utility kilts from them. Their quality of fabric and stitching inspire me a lot. Definitely, recommend this website


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