Top 10 Utility Kilts Review for Men – 2022

This post talks about the top 10 utility kilts exclusive for the modern men to join the pant-free revolution and enjoy being free!

Utility Kilts are a rage in today’s age, where millennials are looking for freedom from smelly, itchy and uncomfortable pants. You can search on google to find more about this movement that talks about this growing pant-free culture and adoption of a modern utility kilt.

Wikipedia – What is a Kilt? utility kilts

You can read on Wikipedia to know more about what is a utility kilt and the elegance it has on the men that wear this masterpiece. In addition, you can read the post at the bottom to learn more about what utility kilts are and their relevance in society today.

We have written many post in the past that talks mostly about utility kilts, as our blog itself surrounds itself around this new way of dressing that Scots have taught us and we are adopting in today’s generation. Here are a couple of posts, before we begin with our top 5 list.

Before we begin, you must read our Kilt Infomedia Section, where we talk about the checklist that you should consider, before you can buy a modern utility kilt. Click here – In addition, to measure your utility kilt , follow this post here –

Let’s begin with our countdown.

Summary – Top 10 Utility Kilts + Bonus

Sr. No. Utility Kilts Rating Buy At
1. Sports Utility Kilt from Damn Near Kilt ‘Em 4.8/5 stars Buy At Amazon
2. Standard Utility Kilt from UT Kilts 4.67/5 stars Buy At Amazon
3. Tactical Utility Kilt from Damn Near Kilt ‘Em 4.6/5 stars Buy At Amazon
4. Heavy Black Cotton Outdoors Utility Kilt 4.5/5 stars Buy At Amazon
5. Smithy Utility Kilt from Damn Near Kilt ‘Em 4.5/5 stars Buy At Amazon
6. Cargo Utility Kilt for Active Men 4.32/5 stars Buy at Scottish Kilt Shop
7. Handmade Black Utility Kilt from eBay 4.3/5 stars Buy at eBay
8. Men Black Fashionable Sports Utility Kilt 4.2/5 stars Buy At Amazon
9. Verillas Hybrid V-Kilt 4.1/5 stars Buy At Amazon
10. Tartanista Black Watch Modern City Utility Kilt 4.1/5 stars Buy At Amazon
11. Tartan Utility Kilt – Spirit of the Highlander 4.1/5 stars Buy At Amazon
12. Tartan Army Tactical Utility Kilt 4.1/5 stars Buy at Amazon
13. Wedding Stud – Black Modern Utility Kilt 4.1/5 stars Buy At Amazon
14. Chocolate Brown – Utility Kilt for Men 4.5/5 stars Buy At Amazon
15. Scottish Cotton Deluxe Kilt from Lucasini4/5 starsBuy At Amazon
16. Fashionable Utility Kilts from All Kilts Sports4.2/5 starsBuy At Amazon

Top 10 Utility Kilts for Men Bonus

1. Sports Utility Kilt from Damn Near Kilt ‘Em

This one is the most popular kilt available on the largest shopping center online that is The kilt is being on amazon since 2004 with extremely great reviews and feedback from various customers.

You can find more post on the Best Sport Kilt for Men – 2022

This kilt is best when it comes to dressing down for a game at the fields or wearing one to work in the farms and fields.

The USP of the kilt is the extremely comfortable down-wear that assists you in all your daily routines and chores. The multi-purpose pockets on either sides fits all your small and medium-heavy tools and equipment with ease, helping you fulfill all your day-to-day activities without losing anything that you have at hand; your power tools to manage your life.

The next factors includes, the extremely soft poly cotton fabric on the inside and strong military grade material on the outside that elongates the life your kilt till the end.

In addition, the traditional styling, coupled with modern elegant fitting, with snaps at both the ends to fit your kilt perfectly, just completes the look of your dear utility kilt. Do try one of these to enter the world of kilts. You can read our detailed review at Damn Near Kilt ’em – Best Utility Kilt You Can Buy

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2. Standard Utility Kilt from UT Kilts

black utility kiltNext, on our list is a another descent kilt from another great brand UT Kilts. This one is very much similar in terms of functionality and great looks from our number 1 on the list.

The reason we have listed this simple yet elegant kilt at number 2 is because its rating on amazon. However, to give you an idea, this kilt is slowly growing in terms of its popularity and favoritism over the internet.

To sum up the best thing of this kilt is its material that is supper soft and easy on the skin, without causing the great itchiness that a pant warrants on our body. Another important factor of this kilt is the the support that you receive from the company.

The company is extremely accommodating your preferred size and needs and will return your kilt back, in case you dislike or do not get the perfect fit. The other factors include the large side pockets on either side to hold your essential items and equipment, 2 snap enclosure on the inside, and a perfect fit to your waist, making it the most desirable utility kilt to wear and use.

You can read a detailed review about this product @ UT Kilts – Best Cheap Utility Kilt

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3. Tactical Utility Kilt from Damn Near Kilt ‘Em

To continue with the above list, this kilt is made for men that love to wear a tactical gear and replace their existing cargo pant or any tactical wear and replace it with with a well formed kilt.

This kilt has all the functionalities of a tactical wear with the essence of a traditional, yet structured kilt that gives your freedom and comfort, during your day.

This kilt is made up of real soft 100% cotton that is superimposed to form the most perfect fit around your waist, with added coverage on the front to avoid undue exposures. Moreover, the kilt can withstand all your manly tasks with ease, due to its durable and reliable material in making of the kilt.

At the same time, the kilt is designed in keeping your comfort and mobility in mind, which does not comes in your way, when you are tasked with a combat drill or routine.

The tactical features of this utility kilt includes,

  • Double zip pockets on either sides
  • Snap pockets at the back
  • Removable cargo pockets at the front
  • D-shaped waist bands
  • 4 strong webbing loops near the waist to hold all your items

The main USP of this kilt is the reinforced molle webbing can be customized according to your needs an comfort for hold additional items and utilities, such as ammo packs, small items, tools, or any desired equipment that you wish to hook on to your kilt.

You can use the front apron to add a custom logo or sign of your country to represent your team or country with the help of the front Velcro.

Do try this exciting wear from Damn Near Kilt ‘Em.

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4. Heavy Black Cotton Outdoors Utility Kilt

The next on our list is the wonderful kilt made from Tartanista, that is one of the oldest kilt manufacturer from Scotland. This utility kilt is filled with all the traditional factors that makes a very lavish wear fr men.

This kilt is also known as the carpenter’s kilt, since it consists of multi-utility flap pockets on both the sides to hold all your tools and equipment with ease. This kilt is typical meant for men that wish to prolong their day in the fields or on the farms, while they toil in the sun all day.

Made for the working burning man, this kilt will last till the very end, holding all the dirt, grit, and mess you throw at the fabric, it will still not leave you away for a moment. The addition factors you receive with these utility kilts is antiqued design brass buckles and studs, internal studs to give you that perfect grip around your waist and two fabric straps with eyelets and buckles to tuck your kilt neatly and securely, so that you don’t need to fret from loose kilt fittings.

This utility kilt is especially manufactured in UK with a approx. standard length of about 23 inches. Do try this wonderful beauty from amazon.

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5. Smithy Utility Kilts from Damn Near Kilt ‘Em

This kilt is another great design from Damn Near Kilt ’em, made with traditional and modern style in mind. The kilt is made from pure 100% cotton and has all the flavors of great utility kilts you can think.

To quickly give you a heads up on this kilt, the item is designed on the lines of a traditional black smiths kilt that is high in functionality, style and traditions.

The kilt is extremely soft on the inside, yet sturdy and durable on the outside to withstand all your manly tasks with ease and without worry, to last till the very end. You can go almost days without washing this beauty, it won’t let you down or smell through.

The overall style is traditional with great flare and pleats to add up to the overall form of this unique kilt that you wear. The kilt has a custom button placement and is fitted with multiple functional pockets to hold all your utilities.

In addition, it also has a varied range of hidden pockets to store all your stuffs that you want to keep a secret.

To sum up the entire review of the kilt:
  • 100% cotton and made from imported material
  • Superior snap enclosure
  • Durable, sturdy and breathable on skin
  • Built to last long
  • Non Hypoallergenic and built with keeping comfort in mind
  • Traditional style pleating structure to add the overall look and feel
  • Multi functional utility pockets without bottom on either sides
  • Huge front coverage, with apron that overlaps, coupled with style-filled snap closure to prevent unnecessary exposures
Do try out the unique collection of smithy utility kilts from this brand.

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6. Cargo Utility Kilt for Active Men

So the next one on our list, are the wonderful cargo functional kilts for men, developed by Scottish Kilt Shop. The kilt is developed for men that want to move out of the shackles of cargo pant, yet retaining all the benefits of a pant.

Moving ahead with this vision, the brand has manufactured this amazing looking kilt that has combined the material and functionality of a cargo pant into a stylish and traditional kilt structure to wear this unique bottom, while you work in the field of play at the games, or on the job.

This cargo kilt is especially designed for the active burning men and can withstand ruthless & rugged environment with ease and without raising a sweat. All this, while giving you a cool and refreshing fashion style to add up to your personality and nature. scottish-kilt

The kilt is made from soft 100% cotton fabric that is easy on the skin and gives a breather to your body. Moreover, this utility kilt is available in 5 exciting colors and inclusive of excellent brass, silver or black matte finish hardware to complete the look and style.

The design of the unique kilt involves a precise stitching that is visual appealing in nature and at the same time is fully functional to serve all your daily purpose that you endure in the fields.

The kilt has large pockets on the either sides with added snap down flaps and additional slip pockets to hold all your smaller and medium items with ease.

To give you the best fit and sustain the kilt around your waist, the kilt includes hip straps that securely adjust the kilt around your waist, giving the most desirable fit your are looking for. In addition, there’s an extra wide look that can accommodate and your work belt with ease and without effort.

Thus, the kilt will give an overall excellent multi-purpose benefit to your body and you should go and replace that uncomfortable pant soon…

Buy At Scottish Kilt Shop

7. Handmade Black Utility Kilts from eBay

This desirable kilt is a work’s man favorite buy, because all the efforts are concentrated in achieving the desired purpose of multi facet benefits, while at work.

This kilt is a simple looking wear that is specially designed by hand to achieve all the benefits that you looking for in a utility kilt.

The kilts is designed and made with the sole purpose of handling all the desired rough and tough tasks with ease, by giving you the best fit and comfort, while you do these tasks.

This exceptional looking beauty is a tough looking kilt made for the men that work on tough jobs and require the necessary access to all their daily essentials and items. the kilt solves all the purpose to accommodate all your small and medium items with ease and at the same time give you the most exciting and comfort fitting you are looking for in alternative to a pant.

Made with superior a grade cotton fabric, and available in sizes from 30-52, this kilt is a sure short winner for people that are looking for a simple, cheap and best utility kilt with all the bells and whistles of a cargo pant. This kilt will last till the very end and handle all your daily chores with ease and effortless.

Some key highlight of the kilt includes: 2 flap pockets on either sides with gun metal buttons and fittings, strong metal buckles and internal studs to secure your kilt around the waist, and lastly black leather straps on either side to give you the modern and stylish kilt you were looking for in this age.

Buy At eBay

8. Men Black Fashionable Sports Utility Kilt

Best quality, premium design and excellent pricing are the reasons for which we have listed the following utility kilt for men.

To quickly start with this review, this utility kilt is made from premium 100% cotton material and is constructed based on the traditional kilt structure to give you the perfect fitting of a kilt plus with additional functional benefits that can help you to perform your everyday tasks with ease and without worry.

This kilt is especially designed for men that love to wear their unique utility kilt to sports events, fashion and rock events, where they need a kilt that can replace their denims and cargo to give them the ultimate freedom and comfort.

The kilt is extremely durable and last long without worrying in replacing your utility kilt soon; your kilt can last till you perform all your daily chores, and it won’t loose a sweat.

The kilts also has two additional functional pockets on the either sides to handle all your small and medium size items comfortably.

In addition, the kilt comes with a unique snaps and belt hoops that you can use to fit in an attractive sporran or apron to hold additional items.

To conclude this utility kilt is a  new entrant on our list, and we are clearly satisfied with the overall look and structure to give you the best and desired fitting around your waist at the most excellent price.

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9. Verillas Men’s Hybrid V-Kilt

So in this list of the best utility kilts, we list a premium brand – from Verillas. To give you a background, Verillas makes the best premium modern utility kilt for the burning man, which you can wear for any casual occasion, even for your hiking trips.

To begin with the review of this kilt, this utility kilt for men has been styled with the traditional kilt structure and mixed with modern contemporary styling to give you the most desired comfort that every man desires.

You can use this hybrid kilt to replace your uncomfortable cargo pants with this unique kilt fitting. The features of the kilt are as follows:
  • Unique style traditional kilt structure
  • Sturdy multi-functional cargo pockets
  • Adjust upto 2″ to give you the best fit around your waist
  • Added  strong belt loops to secure your kilt
  • Best design best acrylic wool tartan
  • Wear for every occasion
Try on of this unique offering by the great brand in kilt wear.
You can wear this unique sporran on this utility kilt for added efficiency in your work.

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10. Tartanista Black Modern City Utility Kilt

This black utility kilt is a thorough beauty made from the Tartanista brand, that is known for making the best utility kilts for men in today’s online age. 

The kilt we are reviewing today is made from 100% soft acrylic cotton that is extremely snug on the outside, but truly a must wear comfortable kilt on the inside.

The kilt is super smooth without any itchy feeling like our trousers and can be worn in the city as a daily means of clothing during the day for those causal evenings.

The kilt comes with 2 multi-functional pockets with double strap fastening brass buckles to give you the perfect fit around your waist, and to make you look extremely stylish on a new day.

The multi-functional utility pockets aid you to carry on your tasks with ease, while you can dwell around the city with ease and comfort all day. modern utility kilt for men Features of this modern utility kilt:
  • Made from 100% acrylic cotton that is medium heavy and is extremely soft on the inside
  • Snug fabric on the outside to give you the most durability and increase in your kilts life
  • Non-itchy and extremely comfortable to wear in your daily routines
  • 2 side pockets on both the end that provides you the multi-functional utility space for your tools and equipment
  • Extremely stylish, yet traditional and modern in its approach, the kilt is pleated back with double strap fastening system with brass buckles to give you the most desired and comfort fit
  • Can fit up to a 2.5” wide kilt belt. You can dress this utility kilt with a kilt pin and a sophisticated sporran for additional storage
  • Arrives with the pleats tacked, snip and remove the pleats, before wearing
  • Fits perfectly for 66% of people that have bought the kilt
Ensure to measure the kilt properly before ordering your desired size.
Do try out this lovely black utility kilt for men for your daily city tours, that has pockets for convenience and ease, and will make you forget your pants forever.

Check Price & Buy At Amazon

11. Tartan Utility Kilt – Spirit of Highlander

Next, on our list of the top utility kilt online, is a traditional, stylish, yet modern with its unique offerings, a piece of kilt wear from UT kilts. One of the most ideal kilt, which we found in this kilt was its unique style, which was surprisingly traditional, in lines with the spirit of the highlander wear of Scotland. Let’s begin with our review of this utility kilt.

Features of the Tartan Utility Kilt from UT Kilts
  • Made from 100% poly-viscose fabric that is extremely durable
  • Soft on skin and can easily be worn while you toil in the fields or workplace
  • Traditional culture and value can be felt in its design
  • Considered the spirit of highlander that truly feels like a kilt
  • Features of a modern utility kilt including multi-functional cargo pockets and straps
We bring to you a brand new dark-colored from the lands of the highlands, a superior, yet traditional, yet stylish utility kilt from the stables of UT kilts. This kilt has been tagged as the entry-level kilt, as part of the new 2022 utility kilt collection, that the company is moving to.

Coming to its review, this modern utility kilt for men is made from 100% poly-viscose fabric, that looks extremely rugged and is durable from the outside.

We found that this utility kilt can easily withstand all the hardships that you endure during your daily chores and tasks.

What we liked in this kilt was the fabric on the inner side, that was soft and comfortable for a day long activities, and we felt that we didn’t miss our cargo pants in these kilt wear. The USP of this utility kilt is its unique simple styling and structure that is similar to the traditional kilt worn by the Scottish highlander of Scotland. The unique tartan re-lives all the ancient Scottish customs and styling, all this manufactured into a modern utility kilt.

Thus, this kilt for men combines the structure of a kilt, with the features of your regular cargo denims. Coming to its features, this utility kilt comes with dual multi-functional cargo pockets that you can use to store all your items, tools and essentials with ease and comfort. Additionally, the kilt is fitted with dual snaps that you can use for those comfortable fit around day.

We found that pleats were sewn down so that the man could get the perfect look in your kilt outfit. All these features come with a cost that is much cheaper than your unreliable denims and jeans. In addition, UT kilts are known to bring to you the best quality utility kilt and service that you can ask for. Do contact the company for any support and assistance for sizing, fitting or warranty on the utility kilts.

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12. Tactical Army Utility Kilt – Camouflage Color

Today, we review another utility kilt for men designed for those rugged burning man that loves to wear a tactical kilt and show off their swag with comfort during their day to day activities. We present you this unique Army Utility Kilt that is a superb combination of a tactical and standard utility kilt for men. Beginning with the features of this Utility Kilt by Best Kilts:
  • Soft 100% cotton fabric that is easy and comfortable to wear
  • Can be suitably worn for events that require action or movements
  • Specially designed traditional kilt structure with modern kilt print, made for the modern man
  • Suitable to wear for sports, fashion events or rock shows
  • Two leather straps provided to secure your kilt perfectly around your waist
  • Cheap effective, with great quality tartan utility kilt
To quickly review this camouflage-colored tartan utility kilt, we found that the overall look and fee of the kilt was great, with modern and traditional approach used to designed the kilt. Coming to the material, the kilt was extremely comfortable and easy on our skin, and we didn’t feel the need of our trouser, when we were busy with daily chores in this tactical kilt. Q Next, the two utility straps were pleasant surprise, the straps gave very good fit and we were pleased with the overall flare that the kilt brought on the style. Finally, the 2 side multi-functional pockets were great and could easily hold our daily items with ease and comfort.

The belt hoops were a nice addition that allowed to add a funky kilt belt or if needed we could hook up a sporran for those extra spaces. To conclude, we were please with the camouflaged tartan tactical utility kilt brought by Best Kilts, and is a great competition to the existing kilts offered by Damn Near Kilt ’em. Do watch for more updates.

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13. Wedding Stud – Modern Utility Kilt for Men

In today’s review, we found a interesting looking, black colored utility kilt from the brands of All Kits Sports. You can check out their store link to view more kilt-related products on their store. The reason we decided to do a review was the look that we found was quite trendy and stylish. Let’s begin! This modern utility kilt is made from 100% soft cotton fabric that is extremely nice and soft, but the outside was quite durable and rough, making it a great wear for everyday activities.

Since, the company has marketed the kilt as a only special occasion wear, we would love to keep it simple, and use this excellent modern kilt wear for occasion like weddings, events, rock shows, or those special moments where you need to avoid your pants.

The overall look were quite pleasing. All the hooks around just adds to the overall personality of the utility kilt. In addition, the removable chain does give the kilt wearer a nice rock and bashing, rugged style statement. We loved the way the company has gone ahead and provided large cargo pockets on either sides that can accommodate all your daily valuables with ease. black-utility-kilt The kilt comes with two straps to secure the kilt around your waist easily, with extra smaller pockets to hold your mobile, wallet etc. In addition, the kilt has a standard 24″ drop, which is nice and great, plus coming in 6 different sizes to fit everyone, according to the needs. Feature of the kilt:
  • 100% cotton fabric, of 16 oz. weight
  • Easy on skin and tough on outside
  • Drop length of approx. 24″, with straps to secure waist. Available in 6 diff. sizes
  • Extra large cargo pockets to fit all you, with various smaller pockets
  • Removable chain that gives you the ultimate rockstar look
Overall the kilt is a much needed buy for people that want a die-hard cool look for occasions. The kilt is branded as wedding kilt, we’re not sure, if any one would wear these kind of kilt for weddings, but we have kept it open for everyone to experiment on their attire.

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14. Chocolate brown Modern Utility Kilt for Men

Another kilt for men, we review on our blog today. This kilt is a modern take on the traditional Scottish kilt, made for men of today’s age. Let’s begin with our review on the product. As usual, this utility kilt is made from 100% drilled cotton fabric that is extremely wearable in the hot summers.

The kilt is soft from the inside to give you the most desired comfort, and at the same time is securely thick on the outside, making your kilt wear extremely durable and help in withstanding all your daily chores and tasks with ease and without sweat.
A quick fact, you can go on for many days and even months, without washing your utility kilts. The cotton fabric helps maintain a perfect balance for your skin and use.
cheap-utility-kilt-men Coming to its structure, we love the unique cargo detailing provided, giving a perfect alternative for men’s cargos, giving a visual treat that you are wearing comfy cargo pants, in reality, you dwell in your cargo kilts. The overall look-n-feel is very clean and does maintain the structure present on a traditional Scottish kilt.
What we loved of this utility kilt is the color, a perfect blend of coffee and brown, that can go along with a wide variety of t-shirts, for those casual events.
Coming to its features, these utility kilts comes with a standard multi-functional pockets on either side, and a single large pocket on the back to accommodate your small and useful items for your everyday use.

To beautify the kilt, the designer has added upto 5 stud on the front apron, giving it a unique feel and style to the kilt. Overall, the kilt is a liker for us in the style and functionality department. You can also add up on one of the sporrans to add the extra space for your daily essentials.

To conclude, this utility kilt is a solid and affordable men wear that can easily replace your denims or cargos to adopt the freedom! The overall color, look-n-feel and the unique studs, just completes the kilt attire for every man. The kilt has a nice fall and the structure are elegant, made for the men. The multi-functional pockets and the self-adjustable straps just aids in finishing the cloth, and adds up to the personality of the wearer. Do try out this great and cheap utility kilt in this unique color.

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15. Scottish Cotton Deluxe Kilt from Lucasini

We review a newer brand, that has erupted in support of our pant free culture, which we have established through our blog.
This kilt that we gonna review is a very descent looking alternative to your cargos. It looks extremely similar to your regular chinos, but with the structure and comfort of a kilt, which every men wants in their daily routine. Let’s start with the review.

This kilt is made from 100% cotton fabric that is very soft to touch, and easily very comfortable on every man’s body. The outer material is very thick and can easily withstand all the enduring task a man performs during the day. The kilt is made for casual events and you can easily wear this great kilt to get rid of your denims or your cargos. To the material, we really loved it.

Rest, the utility kilt has the usual pockets on either sides, that can be snapped, with flap type way to secure the pockets. There are fastening straps that you can use to secure the kilt, with the buckle. This is the same way that any utility kilts in our list function. Overall, the structure and fit was very great and we loved what we got as a review. 

Next, coming to the dislikes, the kilt length is about 23″ which we felt was a bit less, than most of the usual kilts that run atleast about 24″. Another issue is the size. Most of the reviews on Amazon, which you can read here, state that this utility kilt for men runs a bit small, and you will have to order a size much bigger and larger, which you usually wear. Please check the size chart.

It says that you need to read the sizing chart on the seller’s page, and not the one mentioned on the Amazon page. We didn’t find any such info. The seller will have to do some updates on the info.
 Another thing, this kilt like most of the utility kilts here, open on the front. It has two push down buttons on either side of your hips, which you need to secure and then use the strap belts to adjust, as per your liking and comfort. The push buttons were bit fit and were not easily locked. You sometime needed another person to lock the kilt. 
Overall, we loved the kilt design, style, and structure, but for a newer kilt brand, there are couple of issues, which the brand should solve. Do view this as an alternative on the above list.

Check Price & Buy At Amazon

16. Fashionable Utility Kilts from All Kilts Sports

fashionable-kiltAnother kilt that falls under our review today, and glad we reviewed this kilt. This utility kilt is really made for that heterosexual man that loves to wear eccentric clothing without any fear. Let’s begin with the kilt review, by All Kilts Sports.

This fashionable kilt comes in dual color, the sophisticated black and a fun and playful red borders to complete the look. The kilt as the other kilts on our list of Top 10 Utility Kilts for Men, is made from 100% heavy drill cotton that is comfortable to wear and easy to wear from the inside, but is rough and tough on the outside. The material indeed feels a bit heavy, but our movement were not restricted due to the material. We found the kilt very comfy in even in the cool winters.

The USP of this fashionable black and red kilt that is comes with a elegant chain on the front, with two pockets attached to either sides of the kilts. The chain and pockets are detachable, while the pockets were nice and large to hold all our mini essentials with ease. 

Moving ahead, this kilt comes with a standard 24 inch drop and has great pleats on the black. Like any other utility kilt, this kilt is straight on the front, while tapering to the back. We found the fit to be adequate. We could also fit in a kilt belt through the hoops or attach a small Scottish sporran to our kilt.  
One thing we found of this kilt that it has a snugly fit and it fits tight for the measurements. Do a proper measurement, before buying this kilt.
Overall, we loved the kilt’s color, and style that makes it a desired buy. This kilt is apt for any casual evenings , sports, or at rock show, to replace your discomfortable trouser, and to embrace freedom. We can only say to do make a proper measurement, before buying the kilt. 

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A bit of history on Utility Kilts

A kilt is a knee-length bottom wear, that has traditionally designed pleats. This culture has originated from the kiltan history, based on the dress worn by men and boys in the Scottish Highlands of 16th century. From there on, this piece of cloth started gaining momentum and association with wider families of Scotland and moving towards the Celtic folks, known and Gaelic, across aged Scottish traditions.

Most of these kilts were made of woolen material to counter the minus degrees associated in such countries. And, the most important element being the structure of the kilt that allows complete freedom of space and is simply comfortable on the body. The kilts were designed in colorful attires called as tartan patterns that lives the ancient colorful traditions and style.

Turn to the modern generation, modern utility kilts are now worn for formal occasions, highland games and at sports events, across all age groups, even younger kids are adopting this culture.

The modern utility kilts are slowly growing and has created a cult status as an item for men fashionable clothing wear in today’s millennial times and is slowly moving to become an everyday wear for every man that wants a multi functional bottom wear that is more comfortable and has all the essence of freedom than a pant or trousers. Gradually, these utility kilts is returning to its roots of becoming a cult adaptation means of clothing.

Go ahead and adopt this culture of wearing a daring utility kilt that stands for male supreme, masochism and grace.

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