Best Irish Kilts for Sale – 2022

We all love irish kilts! Didn’t we? Do you know, some people believe that the irish kilt existed way back in the sixteenth century?

This assumption is based on numerous carvings throughout Ireland, which illustrates Irish men wearing Lein-croich – a solid-coloured long tunic made of linen.

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Introduction to Irish Kilts

irish kilts As argued by some, Lein-croich is not an Irish kilt. According to the Irish history, the inclusion of these kilts cannot be highlighted until the end of the twentieth century.

Kilts are mainly associated with Scotland but both Irish and Scotland celebrate their Celtic heritage with utmost pride. Irish kilts are traditional and colorful.

You can find them in saffron, green and black colours. Saffron is the most sought after colour amongst them. It is also believed to be worn by the Irish Regiments serving the British army.

The saffron coloured military kilts are now being worn by the Royal Irish Rangers. Apart from the solid coloured kilts, Irish tartans are also becoming equally popular.

Irish tartans are associated with counties, whereas the Scottish tartans are associated with clans. Irish tartans are relatively newer than its counterparts.

It was first produced by a Scottish company during 1996 eyeing the Irish-American market. As a matter of fact, these are considered more Scottish than Irish in Ireland. Perhaps, it is one of the reasons why it is hard to find people wearing them on the streets of Ireland.

On the other hand, the Irish- Americans wear the Irish Kilts to honor their Celtic heritage with great pride.

Modern Style Irish Kilts

The trend of going traditional with the kilts and tartans have struck Irishmen a bit recently, though it still seems a perfect way of celebrating the Irish heritage. It is also unanimously approved that a good looking Irishman looks more appealing in a kilt!
  • Irish Formal Kilt: A hand-stitched kilt, made with at least 8 yards of Tartan with attention to the detailing and providing life-long durability. One of the finest kilts available.

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  • Irish Casual Kilt: A machine stitched, affordable, made with less than 8 yards of Tartan, nice-looking kilt. Looks similar to our formal kilts range.

Let’s begin with our review and find the best irish kilts on sale in today’s online world!

Top Irish Kilts on Sale

1. Irish Plaid Kilt

This kilt is an excellent value for money kilt, which is ideal for everyday use, but can also be worn on formal occasions. The kilt is available in 5 yards in 10 oz material with flat front and deep pleated back.

There are two leather straps with about 1″ adjustment either way and the drop (length) is approximately 24″ for all sizes.

The major USP of the kilt was that it is lined around the inside top in cotton 100% non-itch acrylic fabric that is easier on the body and very durable to wear.
Snip and remove the tack on the pleats before wearing as it arrives with tacked pleats.
No doubt, it is an excellent value for money but there are few drawbacks to it. The lining is thin and the kilt frays easily.

One needs to wear a sporran because it tends to curve a little bit as the apron does not lie flat. Even the straps are made of thin leather. The first pleat does not stay intact even after continuous ironing.

With that said, it is a warm weather kilt that every man can wear for ALL THE TIME. A decent pair of trousers still costs more than the kilt plus the shipping charge. Before thinking twice, adopt this great looking irish kilt and say bye to those uncomfortable pants and trousers.

Note: You might have to wear a kilt belt over the kilt to secure this irish kilt on sale securely around your waist.

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2. Damn Near Kilt ‘Em Men Greenhorn Utility Kilt

This kilt is made up of 100% cotton drill imported fabric, with superior snap closure to protect you from embarrassment situations. You can find more kilts from this brand at:

Find our measurement guide for help picking out the right size kilt for you.

Coming to the specs of these irish kilts from Damn Near Kilt ‘Em brand,

  • Made with breathable, lightweight, durable fabric to enhance the longevity of the kilt’s form
  • Designed with your comfort in mind
  • Traditional style pleats that are strategically placed, seemingly bottomless multi-functional side pockets
  • Ample front coverage, overlapping apron with stylish side snap closure to help avoid unnecessary and/or unwanted exposures

irish-kilt-greenhorn2 More info on this kilt can be found at: Green Horn Irish Kilt by Damn Near Kilt ‘Em

Ditch your trousers and join the Clan! The Damn Near Kilt ‘Em makes you live a trouser free life without fretting over money.

The company has a versatile line of irish kilts, which are ideal for urban life, casual partying, adventurous hiking or lazing around. Help yourself to find your favorite kilt from our wide range of styles and colors! Join the clan DNKE!

A review from one of the buyer of the kilt:

My wife finds me like one of those English punk rocker band members! Lol. You can definitely wear it with an old Clash or Sex Pistols t-shirt and boots.
It looks really cool. Do buy from DNKE! It fits well and the finish is great too. The price even after a recent hike to $10 due to the increased demand of the product can still not be beaten up. I feel the Greenhorn is the best as it does not contain any fancy straps and back pocket. I prefer minimal ornate kilts.

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3. Men’s Quality Irish Kilt From UT Kilts

UT-Irish_kilt This sophisticated irish kilt is made up from 8 yards of high-quality acrylic fabric, with traditional 3 buckle closure and double fringed apron to help you prevent unnecessary exposure, during your journey everyday.

More reviews on the best UT Kilts can be found here.

These kilts are great for everyday wear to formal wear, and come with minimum 23 pleats, thus giving you a great combination of the ancient kilt structure with a more modern look and feel to wear. The fineness of these irish kilts are to be watched out for.

The best part of this kilt is the adjustable size that can fit across various men of different size. For example, a size 40 kilt can adjust up to a waist of size 42.

The kilt is extremely durable, one of our customer wore this kilt comfortably for camping on a 10 day trip. The kilt stood up as rock, while our customer endured during the trip. The irish kilt didn’t break a swear.

The main USP of this kilt is the cost and quality. You won’t find any irish kilt on Amazon that is so comfortable, given because of its acrylic fabric, and keeps you warm because of its pleats. The fit is good too for the price. UT-irish-kilts
Concluding our review, designed with a long, high-quality fabric and maximum pleats put in every kilt you see in this section, so as to make it look the BEST for every occasion!

Pair it with anything, wear it on any occasion- be it a formal gathering or a Scottish fair! You will definitely stand out in a crowd.

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4. Irish National Plaid/Tartan Kilt

irish-kilt-plaid This kilt is very special on our list on the best Irish Kilts. The reason is that this kilt represents the bright colourful heritage of Ireland, and the kilt oozes on its culture, making it the desired kilt in our list. Let’s start with our review!

This special irish kilt is made up of 5 yard 10 to 13 oz kilt fabric, of 100% cotton + Acrylic bindings that give you a comfortable wear on your body. The kilt is extremely light in weight and is very easy-itch-free on the body. The front of the kilt are neatly lined with a drop of standard 24″ and 3.5″ deep pleats, to prevent those unwanted exposure.

These Irish Kilts do stand out in terms of its cost and comfort it offers!
These Irish Kilts represent the Irish National, that stands for the ancient Irish rich culture and heritage, which will give you the most elegant feeling, when you wear this unique kilt.

The acrylic material gives you the same warmth that you wish from a wooly kilt, but at the same time, giving you the most comfort and itch-free wear for your body, while you have fun with your friends.

Another USP of this kilt is that is comes with a exterior teflon coating that helps in preventing external stains and is extremely durable for the task you can endure. This is simply impossible from a regular denim wear. The 3.5″ belt loops can be easily used to accompany your desired kilt belt to secure the kilt with ease, or you can secure a sporran around the kilt.

The kilt is available in various sizes, ranging from 32″ to 46″, a kilt for every men, irrespective of size and shape.

To summarise our review for this unique Irish Kilt:
  • Easy and comfort fit, made of 100% acrylic material with 100% cotton exterior linnings
  • Fully adjustable velcro closure, to prevent unwanted exposure, and give you a unique kilt fit around your waist
  • Made in America from cloth woven in the UK using the Ireland’s National tartan
  • Designed for all Irishmen to wear it as a tribute to their heritage
  • Casual kilt that can be worn on casual events like in the pub or to the highland games
  • Fabric is a blend of Rayon (Polyester Viscose) that has a texture of smooth wool and feels like thick cotton, with teflon coating that is stain resistance
  • Easy to wash in the machines
You can wear it more or less on a daily basis by using a heavy Velcro. It helps you with the fitting too. The pleats are neat. Overall it looks good and bright. We love that there are loops for my 2 1/4″ kilt belt along with the smaller standard belt loops.

Go for this irish kilt, where you want a rich Ireland cultural feel, yet a more comfortable and cost effective wear for your casual and daily evenings with family and friends.

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5. Lucky Irish Green Plaid Kilt for St. Patrick’s Day

lucky-green-irish-kilt Ah! we all love to visit the St. Patrick’s day event, and to gel with the crowd and its theme, this is the very Irish Kilt you need to wear for the bright event.

What we love about this kilt is that is quite blends with the St. Patrick Day’s theme, an elegant fabric construction that is a combination of black and green coloured Irish tartan, with a decent fall near the knees. The pleats are pretty streamlined.

There’s nothing to talk about much of this Irish Kilt. We quickly summarise our review in the following section:
  • Made from standard 100% blend of cotton and acrylic that is comfortable and easy on body
  • Traditional St. Patrick’s Day ensemble in shiny bright green plaid tartan design
  • Ample of coverage on the front with the presence of good pleat linning
  • Adjustable hook-and-look- wrap closure that fits every shape, and not to tight on the waist
  • Available in a single one size-fits most adults
  • Can be paired easily with a formal white shirt and black vest
  • Quality is good for the price, and is most cost effective
If you are a party animal and would love to show-off your Irish culture, then surely opt for these unique Irish Kilts. You’ll definitely stand out in the crowd!

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Scottish Kilts vs Irish Kilts

Kilt Many of you link kilts only to Scotland but do you know that they had been established in Irish culture few decades back?

To mark their Celtic heritage and culture with pride, kilts are enthusiastically worn by its fellas. There are subtle differences between kilts of these two traditionally rich countries, let’s explore them!


For an amateur, the Scottish and Irish tartans would appear the same but don’t be misled. Their origin and significance are completely different. Where Scottish tartan represents a clan, an Irish tartan is crafted to represent counties of Ireland.

Every Scottish family has their own tartan which is differentiated by their surnames. You will be amazed to know that there are over 25,000 registered Scottish tartans in the world!

Kilt Accessories

As far as the accessories are concerned, both Scottish and Irish kilts can be worn with almost the same kind of accessories with few differences. You can find more kilt accessories here.


Crests are an important accessory in the Scottish attire. A clan crest is pinned onto the tartans during formal gatherings. In one of the Scottish traditions, during a wedding, a member of the accepting family has to pin the crest to other spouse’s tartan.

This act solidifies the unity of the families and signifies the acceptance of each other’s values. Unlike Scottish, Irishmen may or may not fasten a shamrock crest on their tartans.


This one is worn both by Scottish and Irishmen. It is a pocket, which is attached to the front of the kilt. There is not much of a difference between the Irish and Scottish sporrans, just that Irish sporrans are available with shamrocks and green detailing, whereas the Scottish sporrans incorporate Scottish thistle and Celtic designs. For more details on the best scottish sporran, click the above link.


Irishmen flaunt their Scottish kilts with different jackets during formal and friendly gatherings. For instance, the Brian Baru jacket is worn during a formal occasion. It resembles the Scottish Prince Charlie jacket. People also prefer to wear it with a bow tie, waistcoat, and a wing collared shirt during a more formal event.

The Irish counterpart of the Argyle Jacket, which is a casual Scottish jacket, is the Kilkenny jacket. It looks almost like the usual suit jackets. It has an elaborate dressing of buttons on the front side. You will find it mainly in shades of Irish green and is worn with a usual collared shirt, waistcoat and a necktie.


A traditional Scottish hat is the Glengarry. It is worn with a full Highland dress. It has an adornment like a pom-pom stuck to its top, bordered by a criss-cross design in red and white color.

Socks and Shoes

In both, the traditions, wearing a knee high socks with ribbons matching the color of the tartan is worn along with the Ghillie Brogues. The military Irishmen wear black colored socks with their Saffron Kilts, unlike the usual cream color. In Scotland, it is also a tradition to place Sgian-dubh, which is a knife, inside the socks of one’s dominant hand.

Summary – Irish Kilts

However recent or new the development of Irish kilts seem, it still represents the essence of Irish culture and a great way of taking pride in its heritage.

Whatever is your thing, be it- pants free living, taking pride in Irish culture or trying something new in fashion- you can never stop being amazed at how these kilts will make you look perfect for every moment you have worn them! Jazz up your wardrobe with a variety of kilts from our collection and stand out from the crowd-in-pants!